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Where to go when you want a pub but also good food

There's something special happening in the Dublin food scene. Food trucks in beer gardens of bog standard pubs are growing momentum. Pubs that don't do food are collaborating with small businesses that do. What a magic combination. Can we really have it all. Pubs and killer food? We are truly living in the future. Here's where to go for drinks when you don't want the food portion of the evening to make you wish you'd eaten at home...

Sister 7 @ Fidelity Studio, Smithfield

Dream team alert! Big Fan have just joined forces with Fidelity in Smithfield for the collaboration that Dublin needed. Sister 7 is named after Chung Lee, the Head chef here who was part of the kitchen team at Big Fan. She's affectionately known as "sister" in the kitchen, and this second site from Fidelity next door is in D7. Their menu is mainly Big Fan staples, with a handful of dishes created using Whiplash beer or spent product from their brewery, including crackers, and a black stout vinegar, and they promise lots more menu development over the coming weeks and months. Read our once over here.

Fuppin' Delish at Humphrey's, Ranelagh

Fuppin Delish bounced around the food truck scene for approximately five years before settling into a more steady home in the beer garden of Humphrey's of Ranelagh. The husband and wife duo are pumping out Mexican inspired plates (with an Asian and South American influence) including tacos, nachos, chicken wings, and burgers. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but the food is as good as they claim in their name.

Bonobo, Smithfield and Kodiak, Rathmines

We can't imagine Dublin's food vista without Bonobo and Kodiak. Both bars have such a great selection of beer and cocktails and the pizza is a serious contender for top spot in the city. One of the earlier adopters of outside pub pizza, we were spoiled when Bonobo opened up in one of the best beer gardens in Dublin.

Juno, Dorset Street

Dorset street is slim pickings when it comes to good food and/or pubs and Juno is a double whammy of a shining light. With an exciting menu that celebrates Irish fast food, it's a great spot with lots of outdoor seating when the sun (if ever) starts to shine. Be sure to try their hot fish sandwich and their battered black pudding and thyme sausage. Read our once over here.

Slice of Naples at the Quarry House, Ballygall

Another top tier pizza truck nestled on the border of Finglas and Glasnevin is Slice of Naples, just outside the Quarry House. They boast some of the best pizza in the area, and are some craic on the 'gram. Bring your pizza into the Quarry (we recommend the bar - the lounge is lit akin to an operating theatre), and the lads will kindly bring it in for you when it's ready. Arctic Stone ice cream recently opened in the beer garden too, so that's dessert sorted. Read our two minute review here.

Benjamin's Hot Chicken at the Vintage Inn, Irishtown

No one was happier than us when Benjamin's Hot Chicken opened up at the Vintage Inn in Irishtown back in November 2022. A neighbourhood with limited food options, the Nashville inspired chicken shop was a much needed addition. Fried chicken and beer is a winning combination and there's no better food truck for the job. Read our two minute review here. (Edit: Benjamin's have announced they're leaving The Vintage Inn, with their last service on Sunday 5th May, but they're making plans for their next location, and another food vendor will be coming into The Vintage Inn soon.)

Knead Pizza & Bottle Shop at the Cat and Cage, Drumcondra

When Knead Pizza and Bottle Shop popped open in Drumcondra's Cat and Cage back in 2021, the run of the mill pub finally caught our attention. We first recommend heading upstairs to scan their wines by the bottle that can be enjoyed in the pub sans corkage, then get down to the food. Sure, they're known for their pizza, but their mac and cheese suppli are also a must. While their pizza ain't quite in the neighbouring leagues of Slice of Naples or Bonobo, it's very decent for what was formerly an exclusively old man pub, and not in a cute way.

Kimchi Hophouse, Parnell Street

Dublin's oldest Korean restaurant, Kimchi Hophouse is an institution at this stage. Half set in an Irish pub slash dinky Korean restaurant, start with their anju bites (or tapas as they call them), which is a Korean term that basically means snacks to drink alcohol with. Famous for their Bibimbap and Zigae (Korean stew), one of these puppies with a pint of Guinness will set you straight.

Coke Lane at Lucky's, Meath Street

Lucky's is a little gem on the bejazzled crown that is Meath Street. It's always jiving, and their beer garden is permanently wedged. Coke Lane run the pizza truck in the back, thanks be to god, as it's the best pizza in the hood, and one of the only spots to grab a bite before a gig in Vicar Street.

L. Mulligan Grocer, Stoneybatter

We couldn't write this post without including L. Mulligan Grocer - a pub who were doing great food before it was cool. Their scotch eggs are legendary, and their menu has a heavy focus on local produce. There's no better spot to spend a Sunday with one of their famous roasts, and they keep the vegans in mind constantly.

Goatsgruff at Strawberry Hall, Strawberry Beds

Yes it's more pizza, but we're not writing the menus, and if you haven't been to The Strawberry Hall yet, are you even a Dubliner? Time travel down the banks of the canal into the past and experience one of the best little pubs in a part of Dublin that feels like you're actually down the country on your laethanta saoire. The Guinness is on point, and across the road, is a kick ass wood fired pizza/sandwich truck called Goatsgruff. The pizza is Neapolitan style with the fluffiest dough, and they also do a charcuterie box which sounds perrrrfect for when the weather gets a bit warmer. Disclaimer - it is €50 quid, and must be ordered in advance, but it looks right up our street.

Sumi's Kitchen at Ryan's, Beggar's Bush

Tucked behind the behemoth of a bar that is Ryan's at Beggar's Bush, Sumi's Kitchen quietly opened up September of 2023 cooking up Indian dishes with rotating specials. You'll find the likes of vadapav (deep fried smashed potato patties), the most incredible onion bhajis, and daily specials which they post to their instagram each day. Avoid though on match days, when they completely change their menu to cater to droves of rugby fans.

Eatyard at the Bernard Shaw, Dublin 9

Yes it's nothing like the original Bernard Shaw, but we are not complaining about the addition of Eatyard to the space. With nothing yet being able to fill the Epicurean food hall hole, Eatyard is the closest thing we have while we patiently wait for 2026 to roll around when the fruit market opens. The dumplings in Janet's are perfection, El Fuego's birria tacos are chef's kiss, Gaucho Dog dogs are hawt, and Village Pizza Dublin has some really great wood fired pies. There's something to please each and every one of your friends.

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