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The Two Minute Review: Slice of Naples

What should we know about Slice of Naples?

The second pizza truck to grace the grounds of The Quarry House pub in Ballygall, (which is in Finglas or Glasnevin, no one seems to know - let’s call it Fin-glasnevin) and boy are we happy they rolled in. The former spot of Murphy’s Pizza Shack, Slice of Naples is fronted by Sicilian Head chef Barbaro, who's killing it in what’s essentially a car park between a doctor’s office and a local boozer.

They’ve had a successful eight months since opening, and have become a bit of a viral sensation on TikTok and Instagram, collaborating with FM104 and comedian Darren Conway.

As the name suggests, they're cooking Neapolitan-style pizzas from Wednesday to Sunday, using ingredients like Gubbeen chorizo, Toonsbridge Fior di latte, Levoni pancetta, and Guastalla pepperoni. Their dough is made on-site daily using mother yeast (think back to the Panny D when we were all making our sourdough starters) and ‘00’ flour all the way from Naples. It’s proofed for over 48 hours and cooked at over 400°C in their wood-fired oven.

Is there seating?

There’s outdoor seating in front which would be bliss on a sunny day, or you can take the pizza into the pub. As local pubs go, it’s pretty grim, but if needs must we’d probably avoid the lounge part. It’s very bright inside and the music is unnecessarily loud. Not our ideal setting to chow down in.

What did you have?

Ranging from €10 - €14, their pizza menu plays it pretty safe, with a strong focus on meat. Of the 10 options, the 'Nduja Corn' looked the most interesting, and it ended up being a fan fave. The sweet and salty combo of the Nduja and creamed corn was a flavour bomb, and the dough was light and fluffy, with that perfect chewy resistance.

The straight up “Nduja” was a deliciously salty meat feast, topped with fresh basil, chilli honey, scamorza, nduja, parmigiano reggiano & pancetta, with a nice kick from the chilli honey/nduja combo.

The Chorizo pizza felt a bit lack lustre in comparison. From the list of many toppings (fresh basil, Gubbeen chorizo, roasted red peppers, fresh chilli, Toonsbridge fior di latte, parmigiano reggiano), it just felt like a standard chorizo and red pepper pizza.

Back to better stuff with the 'Veggie', which was very generous with the roasted mushrooms, roasted red peppers, courgette, olives and red onion, and all the smoky flavours. Dips are interesting enough, with garlic pretty standard, and the Nduja mayo not having quite the kick it should. The pesto mayo was our fave. bringing a bright but creamy zing for our crust dipping needs.

What is there to drink?

Nothing to write home about. They offer the usual Coke/7UP/Club Orange, as well as flavoured San Pellegrino, because, you know, Italy. If you dine in the pub you can order wine, but don't expect anything other than a hangover.

Why should I go?

The staff are great craic and it's a super addition to the area. The pizza is a step above the likes of The Back Page and Knead at the Cat and Cage, and we think it’s the best slice around until you hit Bonobo. It’s just a shame The Quarry House isn't a nicer setting to enjoy it indoors.

Slice of Naples

68 Ballygall Road East, Glasnevin, Dublin 11


Mark Millin
Mark Millin
Oct 06, 2023

it is a city that combines cultural heritage and gastronomic delights, and its fame continues to attract ardent fans. Naples is known not only for its rich cultural heritage click here and history, but also for its outstanding cuisine and famous personalities.


sam gold
Aug 20, 2023

Like it


Malachy Clerkin
Malachy Clerkin
Jul 28, 2023

Great spot. The pizza is excellent and the lads in the truck are mighty fun. But you're being ridiculously harsh on The Quarry! I moved into the area around eight years ago and it's been a brilliant local to have. The very last thing it is is grim.

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