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Hey Donna in Rathmines Has Closed

Hey Donna in Rathmines closed last week, around 18 months after owner Joe Macken turned the original Jo'Burger site into a Middle Eastern inspired canteen. A second Hey Donna opened on Dame Street last month in the group's old Skinflint site, which will remain open.

Hey Donna was seen as the Jo'Burger group 2.0, and a move away from burgers, pizzas and fried chicken to something more upscale and 'Ottolenghi-esque'. Joe described it as the type of food he wants to eat now, with freshness, big flavours and a focus on vegetables. Dishes like their whole roast cauliflower and miso aubergine made frequent appearances on social media, as well as their platters of grilled steak, chicken and ribs.

The group, who recently opened natural wine-focused Bar Giuseppe, above Jo'Burger on Castle Market, published this statement on the Hey Donna Rathmines website: "Rathmines has changed beyond recognition since we first opened there as Jo’Burger over 10 years ago. The HEY DONNA concept was a huge success but unfortunately unsustainable in an out of town location.​We are hopeful that the staff affected by the closure can be redeployed, either with Jo’Burger or elsewhere.​The Jo’Burger Group will continue to evolve new ideas and restaurants, while focused on our city centre enterprises, Crackbird, HEY DONNA and Bar Giuseppe.​Thank you for some unforgettable times Rathmines x"

Bookings for Hey Donna on Dame Street can be made here.

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