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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Ah yes, Easter time. A chocolate holiday with some religious ties where everyone feels obliged to eat fish on Friday and lamb on Sunday, but really this Easter Sunday will entail most people eating themselves into a chocolate coma while shouting at Game of Thrones on the TV. Bliss...

Anywho, here are some Easter themed foods we want to eat this week.

1. Gertrude's Creme Egg Scotch Egg

Going to Gertrude and getting one of their creme egg scotch eggs is the adult version of an Easter egg hunt. Maybe the resulting sedation from eating one of these will ease you into watching the twists and turns of GoT.

2. Salt Aged Lamb from Locks

If you’re not in the mood for making the whole roast dinner or need a break from intensive family time, find solace in Locks and their salt aged lamb dish. They serve it with air dried lamb terrine, wild garlic salsa verde and haggis.

3. Lamb Gyoza from Soup Ramen

Not your average Sunday dinner but seeing as we’ve had roast lamb on Easter Sunday for an eternity, it’s a welcome alternative. Soup Ramen's gyoza are served with wild garlic and roasted hazelnuts, and we would like several bowls of them.

4. Crispy Sardines in The Seafood Cafe

Fill your “I think I should eat fish on Friday” quota at The Seafood Cafe. Their crispy sardines come with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber and smoked garlic aiol and look like the opposite of penance.

5. Hot Cross Buns from Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

Eating hot cross buns, like creme eggs (see above), are seasonal eats that you are obliged to eat at this time of year. Eating them post-Easter would be wrong, so get them toasted and slathered with butter (the only way to go) from Clanbrassil Coffee Shop while you can.

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