Where To Eat And Drink When It’s Hot And You Don’t Know What To Do With Yourself

There’s an obligation in Ireland to constantly chit chat about the weather, while only dreaming of the Spanish sun splitting the rocks. That, and whenever the sun finally emerges, everyone must go outside and do something, anything. When the heat hits, beer gardens heave from 5.01pm onwards, every square inch of the beach is taken up while our pasty, pasty complexions bake in the sun, all of us collectively forgetting about sunscreen and water, instead relying on fizzy alcohol for hydration. This is why we shouldn’t go outside. But anyway, for when you do manage to venture outside, get too hot and don’t know what to do with yourself, here is a list of places to eat and drink to cool yourself down.

1) Sophie's

Sophie’s rooftop bar is one of the best places to go for a drink on a sunny day, with views across the city. Just remember to hold onto the swing with both hands when you’re taking pictures.

2. Osteria Lucio

Ross Lewis’ Italian restaurant Osteria Lucio looks over the open space of the Grand Canal, meaning you can eat your handmade pasta and pizza in the sun, and walk off your sun stroke afterwards.

3. The Seafood Café

We’re stating the obvious here, but Irish people don’t eat enough seafood. Sitting outside The Seafood Cafe is the place to break that bad habit this summer.

4. Eatyard

Even though Eatyard's outdoor dining area usually gets mobbed on Friday and Saturday nights, during the day you can hit the sweet spot of breathing space, food and pints. And shade in The Bernard Shaw.

5. Las Tapas de Lola

Speaking of the Spanish sun, what better way to feed that delusion than on the terrace of tapas joint Las Tapas de Lola on Camden street, eating olives and sipping fino.