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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Another festival weekend passes, which means another weekend of gleefully watching people get soaked in the rain through social, or getting dismally drenched in a flimsy poncho that cost more than a pint. If you're one of those suffering from post-festival soakage trauma, and still struggling to get the cold out of your bones, here are five things in Dublin we would want to eat post-festival.

1. The Hot Chick Burger from V-face

At this stage, isn’t there a dedicated food holiday every day? National burger pancake/doughnut/any consumable item, each with its own special day. We’re not really complaining, National Burger Day is another excuse to go out and get a burger, and V-face's 'Hot Chick', with a sweet potato and chickpea patty, rocket, coriander, vegan pepper jack cheese, avocado, nachos, mayo and sriracha sauce on a charcoal bun, should help in some way to cure your post-festival fatigue.

2. Siu Mai From Lucky Tortoise

Once you’ve relinquished yourself of all your bags and abandoned your tent in a safe place, go to Lucky Tortoise, order everything on the menu, and marvel at the pork and cabbage siu mai. Feel the residual guilt and chilliness fall away.

3. Prawn Karaage From Soup Ramen

The new prawn karaage sambo from Soup Ramen is ticking a lot of boxes; crispy prawns, yuzu mayo, pickled cucumber, kombu salt and brioche. Isn’t real food great after a weekend on a liquid diet?

4. Shawarma from Shouk

We say shawarma but what we mean is everything on the menu. Take your broken, post-festival self to Shouk, sit outside because it’s more likely to be sunny right after a festival, order the hummus, shawarma, pitta, arayes...

5. The Mezze Platter From Kerb

Another Middle Eastern pick, this time from newly opened Kerb in Foxrock. Mezze platters are perfect after a big weekend as they take away the brain power needed to decide what to order. We want all of the food all of the time, and the mezze gives us that.

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