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Where To Eat All The Berries In Dublin

In between showers, that big yellow ball in the sky has been hanging in there (albeit intermittently), and the accompanying wash of colour on plates across the city is making us feel berry happy (sorry). Everywhere we look right now we're seeing brightly coloured berries of every type, so we've pulled together some of our favourites. Go forth and eat.

Elderflower Ice-Cream With Berries at Shelbourne Social

Soft-serve ice-cream is enjoying a resurgence at the moment (thank you Gertrude and Two Pups), and Shelbourne Social’s version with fresh strawberries, freeze-dried raspberries, and sauces makes us forget we ever wanted a 99.

Raspberries With White Peach At Clanbrassil House

Crispy sable biscuit, white peach, tart raspberries, and a scattering of verbena, this dessert from the gang at Clanbrassil House is ticks all of our boxes for texture and taste.

Vegan Oat Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich From Bear Lemon

We struggled to pick just one item from Bear Lemon to showcase what the're doing with berries right now. From strawberry and chocolate vegan, oat-based “ice-cream” sandwiches, to raspberry loaf cakes, Ciara Lennon is turning out cakes and treats that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. You can find her creations in a number of Dublin cafés like Unfiltered Coffee in Inchicore, who will be selling these mega looking things this Saturday.

Pancakes At Eathos

With a focus on healthy dishes and fresh ingredients, it’s no surprise that the menu in Eathos is heavy on seasonal fruits and berries all year round. These buckwheat pancakes with berries and coconut whip will give you that feeling of indulgence, with no excuse for guilt of any kind.

The Summer Salad At The Cake Café

The tang of goat’s cheese combined with the sweetness of strawberries from The Cake Café isn’t a traditional pairing, but one we very much approve of. More sweet/savoury combos please Dublin.

Strawberry Mojito, Rustic Stone

Is it a cocktail? Is it a dessert? We’re not sure, but we don’t really care. Give us a spoon and a straw (paper, natch), and we’re happy to have the best of both worlds with Rustic Stone’s take on a strawberry mojito with sorbet and lime mousse.

The Tonga Toast At One Society

Our love of French toast here in ATF is well-documented, but this Tonga Toast from One Society is a new one on us. Thick bread stuffed with banana (bananas are technically berries - honest), fried, and topped with berries is the breakfast/dessert hybrid we didn’t know we needed.

The Berry Tart From KC Peaches

We’ve long been fans of the baked goods from KC Peaches, and this tart looks like instant nostalgia, evoking memories of summers spent harvesting hedgerows for blackberries when visiting our grannies down the country.

The Strawberry Parfait From One Pico

While never attracting as much attention or accolades as its sister restaurant The Greenhouse, One Pico has always had a quiet confidence, and this parfait with gariguette strawberries (a sweet French variety), tarragon ice-cream and a Sichuan pepper sable is the perfect illustration.

BuJo's Summer Wine Mixers

Our milkshakes may bring all the boys to the yard, but seriously, who wants to have a milkshake when you can have wine instead? BuJo’s Catalina wine mixer is a refreshing mix of Sauvignon Blanc on-tap with summer berry puree, mint leaves and a lime kick, and it's about to replaced by the Sandymount sangria, with organic Malbec, freshly squeezed OJ, strawberry purée and loads of crushed ice. Fill our glasses.

The Raspberry Rhapsody Doughnut from Off Beat Donuts

Does Dublin have a doughnut shop at every turn? Pretty close. That said, there’s a reason Off Beat Donuts have secured a loyal following, and creations like this raspberry-glazed doughnut topped with crème aux framboises will give you your berries on the go… or on the couch, we’re not here to judge you.

The Summer Berry Pavlova From China Sichuan

Because sometimes retro is right. Especially when it's topped with all the berries and comes with a side of lemongrass cream, like at China Sichuan in Sandyford.

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