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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Seeya, summer. You’ve been a blast but wow, you’re a lot of effort. Sure, making the most of longer days, sunshine, and salads is great but the months now end in “-ber” and that’s our inner klaxon to think about slowing things down a little bit. We’re not quite ready for stews and chicken pot pies, but we do want to mark the move into cooler days, slightly longer nights, and the return of our favourite reality TV shows. These five dishes look like just what we need to eat our way into Autumn.

1) The Baked Swede From Bastible

It’s no secret that Bastible is hitting it out of the park in recent months, particulary since Cúán Greene took over as head chef, and this art-like plate of baked swede, pumpkin seed mole and pickled girolles is exactly why. Simple ingredients beautifully prepared (and photographed) is everything we love about the Dublin food scene right now.

2) Yuzu Curd Doughnuts From Tiller + Grain

These big on taste but bite-sized yuzu curd and mascarpone doughnuts from Tiller + Grain are just the perfect mouthful of citrus and sweetness when you want a doughnut hit but can’t face a wall of sugar and sprinkles, or a 30 minute queue in a Blanchardstown carpark.

3) The Blue Cheese Gougères From Craft

All summer long Craft has been showcasing a range of bright plates on a menu that changes regularly. We’re interested to see what the shift in seasons brings, but we’d very much like to start with these gougères (a baked savoury choux pastry) filled with Cashel blue custard and topped with fig jam and even more cheese. It’s basically a cheese éclair stuffed with cheese custard. Dreams do come true. They're part of the snack selection which changes regularly so get in quick before they’re gone.

4) Knafeh From Shouk

After a two week hiatus for a little facelift, Shouk is back and still drawing the crowds with their massive mezze plates, colossal cauliflowers and huge batatas. We figure there’s just enough heat left to merit grabbing a spot in the outdoor seating area to enjoy a piece of this syrupy knafeh stuffed with mozzarella and topped with pistachios. We’re shook.

5) Nachos from Loose Canon Cheese and Wine

Craving the crunch of crisp autumn leaves? We’re not quite there yet, but Loose Canon’s crunchy combo of nachos, Young Buck Blue cream, and a homemade tomato sauce will make you forget that summer was even a thing. New season, who dis?