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Where To Eat Pancakes On Pancake Tuesday

Of all of the Irish food traditions, Pancake Tuesday is probably our favourite. We don't need an excuse to eat pancakes/crepes/hot cakes, but we do enjoy the opportunity once a year to gorge on them (breakfast, lunch and dinner totally acceptable, as long as dinner is savoury - feel free to follow with sweet). If you're not au fait with your kitchen and/or get put off by the first dodgy pancake out of the pan, here's where to go for all the pancake joy with none of the floury, milky, eggy mess, and some of the specials this year are seriously knocking it out of the park.

Póg, Tara Street and Bachelor's Walk

Póg are the pancakes Queens of Dublin. Their signature protein pancakes come with the option of 30 different toppings (naughty, nice and premium), including chocolate drops, oreos, homemade chia jam and coconut cream, as well as fruit, seeds, yoghurt and pretty much anything else you can imagine throwing on there. Their special protein pancakes menu is available at their Tara Street and Batchelor's Walk locations, and on Pancake Tuesday they've taken the brave move of serving NOTHING but pancakes. See you there.

Alma, Portobello

Another place worthy of a pancake pilgrimage is family run, Argentinean café Alma in Portobello. Their dulce de leche pancakes with Argentinean caramel sauce, brandy and orange mascarpone, seasonal fruits, orange zest, mint and candied almonds has been a mainstay of the menu since day one and we're pretty sure there would be protests if it ever came off.

Tang, Abbey Street

Another one of our favourites, Tang on Abbey Street is a riot of colour and flavour. Their buckwheat pancakes are served with Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit (and they're going big on blood orange right now), pecan nuts and their honey and almond butter that frankly we have obsession issues with, and for Pancake Tuesday this year the special comes with vanilla cream cheese, rhubarb, blood orange, candied nuts and honey.

Cloud Picker, Pearse Street

Cloud Picker are making it very difficult to pass their door today with this pan "cake" with homemade cashew nut butter, jelly and caramelised banana on top, served by the slice. For the purists they're also doing American-style pancakes with rhubarb compote and vanilla crème fraîche.

Metro Café, South William Street

The ever busy Metro Café on South William Street serve their buttermilk pancakes with honeyed butter and golden syrup for the bargain price of €5.95. You can add berry compote or nutella for another €1.50, and they're on the all day menu so available until 17:00.