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Nine Great Pubs To Spend €9 On Food In

With pub reopening dates paused for now, finding a decent bar to prop up while spending €9 on food has suddenly become very important. When it comes to pub grub, disappointment can be the order of the day, so we've picked a few of our favourite places to sink a pint without eating something you'll immediately regret.

Mary's Bar

In Mary's Bar on Wicklow Street, a ham and cheese toastie and a pint will only set you back €8 from Monday - Thursday (usually €5 for the toastie), so you may need to double up to reach the required spend. It won’t be a hardship, they're good and cheesy and the perfect vehicle to soak up a cold beer, so munching your way through two of them over a few hours shouldn't present any issues. If you're after something more substantial a cheeseburger from Wowburger downstairs runs at €6.45 and a side of onion rings are €3.95.

FXB's At Ryan's Of Parkgate Street

The downstairs bar at Ryan's is a great Dublin pub, retaining its olde worlde atmosphere without venturing into twee territory. €10.50 will get you a very generous plate of devilled lamb's kidneys with smoked bacon, mushroom and brioche, or if you go on a Sunday the roast rib of beef (€17.50) with Yorkshire pudding, creamy mash, duck fat roast potatoes, confit shallots, roast carrots & tenderstem broccoli puts carverys to shame. The Bloody Marys are excellent and good value at €8.

L. Mulligan Grocer

Venturing into more gastro territory, the starter plate from L Mulligan Grocer has a haggis wonton, apple and pork rillettes, black pudding croquette with Arun bakery sourdough, piccalilli and stout ketchup at €11.50. If the budget allows, the moules frites (€15) with triple cooked chips and Hoegaarden mayo are excellent.

Paulie's Pizza at Slatterys, Beggars Bush

The first of the pub/pizza combo’s is Slattery's in Beggars Bush who have teamed up with neighbours Paulie's Pizza to provide all the food. Truffle arancini with tomato fondue & parmesan are within budget at €9.50, or split a Zoe pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, nduja, pepperoni, spicy salami and fresh chili for €17. An extra topping could push this to the required €18 for two. Booking is essential online as walk-in’s will not be accommodated.

Taphouse, Ranelagh

In Ranelagh Taphouse wins for a great selection of nibbles within budget. A plate of Irish cheeses is €9 on the nose and both tacos and sliders are €4.50 each or 3 for €12. If you're in the mood to share, a charcuterie and cheese sharing plate is €18 for two. Book on their site.