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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Indoor dining, Delta, 18-34 year olds being forced to get over their fear of phone calls to contact a pharmacy - it’s only week one but July has already given us a lot to unpack. Speaking of packed, here are five things that are brimming over with flavour that we want to eat in Dublin this week.

1) Poutine From The Bar With No Name

We've always thought that poutine - chips with cheese and gravy - sounds like more of an Irish creation than a Canadian one, given their similarities to something eaten out of a cardboard box in most cities across the island on a typical Saturday night. The Bar with No Name, on Fade Street, have given their version a very sophisticated make-over, with crispy fried beef, fresh cut fries, cheese curds and pepper sauce and we're kind of hoping it sets off a poutine craze across the city.

2) Gooseberry Galette From Scéal Bakery

Stop reading and head over to Scéal Bakery’s Insta because this gooseberry galette with thyme and a ginger crème chantilly is only available for click and collect tomorrow (Thursday), from the Fumbally Stables. Seriously, stop reading. Get your card out. Order before everyone else does.

3) Softshell Crab from Hawker

To aid your future dinner decisions, we checked out Hawker recently and told you how much we loved it. Then this softshell crab with lemongrass mayo appeared on our timeline and we think that "love" may not be a strong enough word to express how much we need it.

4) The Supreme Cheese from Love Supreme

We’ve long loved Love Supreme for their sausage rolls and cakes, so were excited to see they’ve launched a range of sandwiches, available through the hatch. They’re not joking when they say this one is supremely cheesy - it’s packed with Gubbeen, Dubliner cheddar and Bechamel. It’s basically a fondue between two pieces of toasted Firehouse buttermilk white bread, with a side of Piccalilli to cut through all that gooey cheesy goodness. Hard approve.

5) Truffle Arancini from Paulie's

Does anyone else sit in Paulie's and immediately get an urge to talk like a TV Mafia Don? Just us? If you're gonna shudduppa yo face, you may as well fill it with something delicious like these truffle arancini. Capiche?


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