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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

September brings a lot of change; adjustments to routines as kids head back to school, the weather changes as we welcome the return of coats with pockets deep enough to hold snacks, and many of us finally have to change out of our leggings-and-hoody uniform as we return to our actual offices. One thing that never changes though is our constant search for the best food in Dublin. Here are the five things we really want to eat this week.

1) Croissant Ice-Cream from Cold Boi

We've all seen 'em, the croissants stuffed with everything from sticky toffee pudding to birthday cake. We know them, we love them, we constantly surprise ourselves at just how happy we are to see stuff stuffed into croissants. But Cold Boi have gone full Uno Reverse card on us by stuffing croissants into ice-cream. Let that sink in a mo. Double baked croissant ice-cream with a chocolate espresso ripple and hazelnut praline. It's basically a full continental breakfast in an ice-cream. We're intrigued. It's available this Saturday from their stand in St. Anne's Market, and you're going to have to beat us to it.

2) The Vermouth Menu from Las Tapas de Lola

Nobody ever needs an excuse to visit Las Tapas de Lola, but consider this your sign from the universe to get in there ASAP for a long-awaited catch-up with a friend over vermouth and snacks. Inspired by owners Vanessa and Anna's love of a little vermutillo, €45 gets you two glasses of the aperitivo (laced with an anchovy-stuffed olive, natch), and basically all the classic tinned snacks that Spain has to offer; cockles, mussels in escabeche, even more anchovied olives, plus crisps and salsa. Perfect if you're feeling sad about forsaking holidays this year.

3) Rice Kheer Pudding from Doolally

Do we go to Indian restaurants for dessert? No. Do we go there for the saag gosht, pilau rice, side of yellow lentils, and an extra naan because we like leftovers? Oh yes. But if anything is going to convince us to forsake our peshwari naan for a dessert, it's going to be this one from Doolally. Spiced rice pudding with rose-scented sago, and a pistachio crumb. Sure, you'll roll out of the restaurant, but you'll be very happy.

4) Anchovy Pizza from Village Pizza

Things that do not belong on a pizza: chicken, BBQ sauce, Nutella. Things that do belong on a pizza: anchovies (and also, pineapple. Don't @ us). This bianca pie from Village Pizza has the correct portion of anchovies (i.e. loads), Toons Bridge mozzarella, and gremolata for a citrusy, chili kick.

5) All the Japanese Baking from Gopan

Ever feel like your friends are hanging out somewhere without you? Hate to be that person, but they are; they're all on our timeline eating curry bread, shokupan (that amazing chonky Japanese toast bread), and taiyaki (cute fish-shaped waffles filled with a sweet vanilla cream or red bean paste) from Gopan in Bray. The best news is that they deliver to Dublin on Wednesday and Saturdays, but you do need to get your orders in two days in advance through their Instagram page.


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