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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Babka, breakfast sandwiches, and carnage nachos for brunch - this is what we most want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Babka From Fable + Stey

There is not enough babka in this city, that is just a sad fact, despite the good percentage of us who are wholly obsessed thanks to Bake Off. Fable + Stey in Blackrock are saving the day with this babka/cinnamon bun hybrid, filled with chocolate, espresso and cinnamon, and topped with spiced syrup and pistachios.

2) The Breakfast Menu From Tír Deli

Tír Deli have just launched a full breakfast menu in their Hatch Street café, and while we're not huge breakfast meat people, when we're talking about Donabate Dexter sausage and bacon, homemade beans and Bretzel Bakery brioche buns, we'll happily make an exception.

3) Nachos Con Carnage At Mad Yolks

Mad Yolks recently opened their first permanent site in Smithfield, and while they're known for their hangover-busting egg sandwiches, we're eyeing up their 'Nachos Con Carnage', with smoked chilli con carne, applewood cheddar, a fried egg, scallions, fresh chilli and sriracho mayo.

4) Victoria Sponge Cake At Slice

There are few things more beautiful than a perfect Victoria Sponge - fluffy sponge, a generous amount of jam, the cream to cake ratio just right - and this one from Slice in Stoneybatter will be consuming our thoughts all week.

5) The Savoury Croissant From The Pepper Pot Bakery

Shopping centre pitstops at La Croissanterie for their cheese and ham filled extravaganzas formed a substantial part of our childhoods. It seems to be easier to find sweet croissants than savoury around town these days, so our faces lit up when we saw this sun-dried tomato, comté cheese & béchamel sauce version from The Pepper Pot Bakery in George's Street Arcade, who as we all know can do no wrong.


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