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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

New pastries, fried chicken salads, and a famous sandwich you can eat in real life Here's what's on our must-eat list in Dublin this week...

1) Spicy-fried chicken sambal salad, Chimac

Fried chicken, but make it summer. Chimac's spicy fried-chicken sambal salad looks ideal for when you want all the flavour, with none of the bun. Twice fried free-range Irish chicken; house made sambal; turmeric pickled vegetables; and shallot, chilli and cucumber pickle are all topped with toasted peanuts, and it's available now in Terenure & Aungier Street for a limited time.

2) Hot beef sandwich, Crudo

Calling all fans of The Bear (and sandwiches). Crudo in Sandymount are now serving their version of the famous hot beef sandwich from the series. There's slow-braised, shaved beef; Cashel Blue fondue; balsamic pickled Tropea onions; gremolata; and Kylemore Cheese 24 month Kilnahalan reserve, all served on a sourdough baguette with a pot of braising jus for dipping.

3) Arroz Negro, La Gordita

On Saturdays and Sundays in La Gordita it's all about huge sharing dishes of rice, and this arroz negro with fresh squid and aioli looks like the perfect combination of summer flavours, with a bit of stodge for the cold July weather...

4) Peach, roast almond and brown butter crumb babka, Milo's

Milo’s are mixing things up with a new babka this week - peach, roast almond and brown butter crumb. They're baked fresh each morning and this plus a coffee looks like a pretty great start to the day.

5) Pistachio swirl, The Morning Bakery

The Morning Bakery seems to bring us new goodness every day, and the latest addition to the roster is this ultra crispy pistachio swirl. Check out the sound it makes when you pull it apart, then get in there pronto.

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Eddy Smith
Eddy Smith
May 20

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