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ATF Insiders are invited to the soft launch of Achara, with 25% off the bill

There's a new Thai BBQ grill coming to Dublin, and fans of London's Kiln and Smoking Goat will have all the high hopes for Achara. The guys behind Crudo and Happy’s are very hyped up for their new opening in the former Happy's location, featuring Thai food centered on a charcoal grill (custom made by Smokin' Soul in Wexford), using Irish produce.

The menu aims to emulate the grilling culture in Northern Thailand, with dishes like chilli chicken wings with fish sauce caramel; whole chargrilled seabass with nam prik seafood; and waterfall bavette steak with papaya and hot mint salad.

The team say they've been obsessed with Thai food since their first travels across South east Asia - "The flavours, the smell of grilled meats walking around Chiang Mai, the hustle and bustle of the night markets, that first pad Kra Pao after an 12 hour night train to Surat Thani." They say they want to show there's a lot more to Thai food than traffic light curries and pad Thai, and showcase the food they loved from their travels.

They say to expect a regularly changing menu, variations on authentic dishes, depending on what they can get their hands on, and local sustainable suppliers like Salter's free range pork, Glenmar Seafood, and Market Gnomes for herbs.

As well as what's shaping up to be an excellent wine list, there'll be a signature cocktail menu and a "whiskey soda" menu, which anyone who's travelled to Thailand will be familiar with. 

Achara are offering ATF Insiders first access to their soft launch this Friday 28th and Saturday 29th with 25% off your whole bill for food and drinks, and feast your eyes on what you'll be eating and drinking if you get a table (menu subject to change).


Tables for Achara will be available from 18:30 on Friday and 17:00 from Saturday, and we'll send the booking link to everyone signed up to ATF Insiders at 20:00 tomorrow, Tuesday 25th June. If you're not already signed up you can fix that here.


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