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Dublin's Newest Ramen Shop Opens Next Week

A new ramen restaurant, importing chef David Chang's ramen noodles of choice from the US, opens this Tuesday just off Camden Street. Nomo Ramen is the first restaurant from trained chef Kevin Hughes (who was initially lured into IT instead of kitchens), and he says its been seven years, and many ramen-research holidays, in the making.

The small Japanese menu will change during the year, with two choices of "high quality ramen" the focus (one with chashu pork, the other with tofu), and other small dishes inspired by Izakaya-style menus in Japan, like crispy chicken wings in Nomo sauce, Hirata pork buns, and mushroom karaage with hoisin mayo. Ramen broths are made from scratch, including dashi, chicken broth, marinades and tares.

All meat is Irish, supplied by Robinson meats, but unfortunately none is free-range for the time being, although they're hoping they can make the switch once they're more established. Eggs are free-range, and they're using Irish vegetables where possible, including onions, leeks and oyster mushrooms. After much testing, noodles are being imported from Sun Noodles in the US, who are a long-standing Japanese family business, and the supplier to David Chang's restaurants including Momofuku. Drinks will be limited to beer and soft drinks to start.

Nomo Ramen soft launches this weekend (ticket holders only), and opens officially on Tuesday at 12pm. They're walk in only to start, but hoping to introduce bookings soon.

Nomo Ramen

4 Charlotte Way, Dublin 2

Open: Tue - Wed 12:00 - 21:00, Thu - Sun 12:00 - 22:00


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