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Eight New Openings In Dublin And Three Coming Soon

From glitzy new arrivals influenced by far East adventures, to seaside snacks just in time for summer, Korean-style brioche loaf toast to breakfast rolls but not as you know them, this mixed bag melange of all that’s new in the city’s food scene shows one thing for sure – Dublin’s not short on delicious new ideas...

Floritz, Stephen’s Green

Big flavour and bold energy is the defining vibe at Floritz - the new arrival in the former Cliff Townhouse space above Cellar 22, and the latest feather in the cap of the new Townhouse on the Green boutique hotel. They’ve put a lot of stock into the building’s former role as the home of far East adventurer Thomas Lighton, with Asian flavour influences abundant across the menu’s vast array of small and large plates, from sushi and crudo to charcoal grilled goods aplenty. For all the bells and whistles, this is something truly new for Dublin, and it's this week's once over - read the full review here.

Le Petit Renard, Kimmage

Next up in the seemingly endless explosion of wine bars in Dublin is Kimmage’s Le Petit Renard, from the couple whose Artybaker outlets have now expanded to four locations. That hasn’t left them spread too thinly if this latest venture is anything to go by - with a relaxed neighbourhood vibe, they’re serving up simple small plates along with Artybaker bread. It’s gone down well this side of the city too, with busy local crowds keeping us from nabbing a table on several occasions so far – a walk-in only policy means you might need a backup in mind if you’re travelling.

Rolls, Howth

Lobster rolls to go from the Mamó team? A thousand times yes. Our hearts skipped a beat at the word of short-term summer pop up Rolls, and the first glimpse of the good stuff only got us more aflutter. Golden brown brioche rolls loaded with lobster chunks in lobster mayo, topped with a crunchy celery salad and heaps of crispy shallots – if there’s anything we’d rather eat while basking in the seaside sun, we’ve yet to hear of it. They’ll be slinging their wares from Nicky’s Plaice on the West Pier from Wednesday to Sunday lunchtime.

Toast, Nassau Street

It’s new beginnings all round on Nassau Street as the Silk Purse café has followed the cue of its sister outlet The Pig’s Ear upstairs (currently rebranding to The Lotus Eaters after 16 years in business) and given itself a facelift. Gone are the Bread 41 pastries and sandwiches from upstairs, replaced with a foursome of Korean-style brioche loaf toasties and a wall’s length of wine. Big flavours in bulging bread are the name of the game here, with options ranging from a spiced marie rose shrimp cocktail to a marinated tofu with peanut rayu, and we’re big fans of the very fair €5 corkage price. Our first visit was a wow and won't be our last.

Proper Order, Smithfield

Crossing Smithfield square from its petite prior home to one of the more substantial spaces in the many new developments around the area, Proper Order has gotten a long overdue expansion, and has the ambition for it. They’ve pitched this place as more “coffee bar” than café, a space to step outside of the day-to-day grind and come back down to earth. The interior is big, bold and bright, the seating is smart and spacious, the pastries are some of the city's best from the No Messin’ team, and the coffee will undoubtedly remain some of the best in Dublin.

Poulet Bonne Femme, Dun Laoghaire

Just a short time on from celebrating their 15th birthday, Poulet Bonne Femme have made their way back to their original Dun Laoghaire site on George’s Street to open what’s now their seventh location – talk about a success story. The rotisserie experts are all about quality control, with strictly Irish free range chicken from farmers that know their sole preserve - that hand-marinated, slow spit-roasted technique that brings out the best in every bird. They’ll be piling that, along with their signature porchetta and other meats, high on sandwiches, wraps and salads from 09:00 to 18:00 daily.

Sunbird, Leopardstown

Good news for the ever-growing office space scene in and around Leopardstown as Sunbird (from the same owners as Umi Falafel and Shaku Maku) has flown in to spice up the midweek meal options. The lunch menu is dominated by flatbread wraps and build-your-own bowls, while the healthy but hearty breakfast options sound right up our street - we're going to need a sujuk breakfast roll ASAP. The Palestinian-owned outlet (named for the national bird) ticks off Lebanon and Morocco in a wide-ranging menu influence that isn’t above adding in waffle fries – sure why not. They’re opening weekday office hours to start, and colour us jealous of anyone working in the vicinity.

Pan Eile, Stoneybatter

If ever there was a sandwich you didn’t know you needed it might be the panuzzo, and how glad we are that there’s now a dedicated place in Dublin for everyone to discover it. This Neapolitan mashup of a pizza and panini is the stock in trade at Pan Eile, from the people who brought us Rustic Pizza, and it's been installed right beside it at Stoneybatter’s Cowtown food market. With five panuzzo varieties from wild smoked salmon, to caprese and porchetta, served alongside a selection of hot and iced coffees, a choice of Bretzel Bakery pastries only sweetens the deal.

Coming soon...

Achara, Dublin 2

We can't wait to get a look at the new charcoal-grilled Thai restaurant from the folks behind Happy’s and Crudo – so excited in fact that we’ve teamed up with them to offer ATF Insiders first access to their soft launch this weekend, and bagged you 25% off food and drinks while they find their feet. Here's how you can be there.

Little Geno’s, Stephen’s Green

We’re long-time fans of food truck taqueria Los Chicanos, so word those folks were opening an NY-style diner on St Stephen’s Green serving up reubens, cubanos and bánh mìs had us eager to know more. It looks like that day is coming soon, as the team is just weeks away from opening.

Coppinger Row

"Fine wines and good times" coming July 2024 is the promise of the reborn Coppinger Row, and anyone who remembers the glory days will know both are guaranteed. Things have been up in the air for a long time since the prior version shuttered after the landlords opted to redevelop, and the Bereen bros’ focus on the neighbouring Row Wines had us thinking this might never come back – we're glad to be wrong.


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