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Four new openings in Dublin and five coming soon

Classic restos doing zeitgeisty rebrands, Michelin-starred chefs returning home with their magic in tow, and two new openings for a seaside village that's stuck in the past when it comes to eating out. Here's what's new in Dublin and what's coming soon...

Lotus Eaters, Nassau Street

After bringing Korean brioche toasties to their downstairs space on Nassau Street, the guys behind The Pig's Ear have gone full zeitgeist rebrand, closing the concept that's been doing the business since 2008, and relaunching it as Lotus Eaters. A Japanese-inspired charcoal grill is the name of the game, with wagyu hamburgers and crab or mushroom omelettes (with optional add ons like caviar, truffle and soy egg yolk) the main draws on a short menu. You can go all in on a chef's selection for €60pp, or order what you want. Bookings are still being taken through the old Pig's Ear channels here.

Comet Supper Club

Irish chef Kevin O’Donnell worked in Bastible before he left Dublin six years ago, moving to Denmark to work at Restaurant Kadeau. He ended up as head chef at their one Michelin-starred restaurant, and head of development for their two star in Copenhagen, so lucky old us that he's decided to move home and start cooking here. Along with partner and ex-Kadeau Communications Manager Laura Chabal, they've started Comet Supper Club as a testing ground while they look looking for a permanent home. Find them in the Fumbally Stables on the 28th and 29th of July, and follow their Instagram page for more dinner dates.

Mini India, Sandyford

Mini India, your one-stop-shop for vada pav on the go, traditional Indian sweets and freshly pressed sugar cane juice has just opened a third site in Sandyford, adding to Westmoreland Street and Cabinteely. Although there's no sign of a deli yet (everything crossed for future additions), you will find everything necessary for all of the recipes in Sunil Ghai's brilliant cookbook Spice Box, as well as Indian mangoes (the very best), and jaggery tea. Check them out here.

Neighbourhood Wine, Baggot Street

After self-described "blood, sweat and bucket loads of tears", Neighbourhood Wine have opened a third location, smack bang in the city centre on Lower Baggot Street opposite Toner's - excellent news for the next time you're in town and in need of a bottle (or six). We're hoping they get some events going too.

Coming Soon...

Coppinger, Coppiner Row

We can't remember the last time a relaunch/reopening/rebrand was teased as much as the new Coppinger (the old Coppinger Row), due to open any day now. Details are sparse, but based on what these guys have done with Row Wines on the same street, we're quietly confident this is going to be haaawt.

Parilla, Ranelagh

After chef Jules Mak's Mexican pop up Gabo's in Ranelagh almost two years ago, it seems he's ready to go all in, with his next restaurant Parilla due to open in August. They're calling it an "authentic Mexican grill", and we're only a few weeks away from bring able to get in the door and find out what it's all about.

Daruma, Malahide

We liked Daruma in Temple Bar (a Japanese pub with yakitori skewers, sushi and small plates) when we visited, so the residents of seaside village Malahide should be very pleased that they're getting their own Daruma where Fish Shack used to be. Work is underway on the site right now but we're expecting news in the next couple of weeks.

Sushida, Malahide

And in a stunning week for the chronically dull to eat in village, a Sushida sign has gone up where Cape Greko used to be. More when we have it.

Little Washer, Glasnevin

In even MORE uplifting Northside news (and yet another addition to the city's wine bars), The Washerwoman in Glasnevin are opening Little Washer next door - a "wine bar, pizzeria, Italian nibbles and general craic hub". The build is happening as we speak but here's a sneak peek.

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