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Lockdown Food To Suit Your Every Mood

It’s January, it’s cold, and we’re now in what feels like the 348th month of Covid-related restrictions; we’re pretty much all over the place emotionally. The highlight of our evening is an update on the “What’s New” section on Netflix as it gives us more stuff to mindlessly scroll past for an hour before settling for The US Office, again. Jannui (January ennui) has truly set-in and we’re having all the feels, but none of the culinary motivation. Worry not though, we’re here to guide you through finding the perfect meal, whatever your mood.


Mindfulness has really come to the fore in recent years as a way to calm a chaotic mind. If you need to calm down, you can definitely do some guided breathing exercises, but, when you open your eyes, you’re still going to be hungry. Our top tip is to do something that involves using your hands and concentration, but ultimately results in beautiful food, and Yumo Kits from the Bao House team on Aungier Street fit the bill. There’s a selection of different kits meaning you can make authentic dumplings, wontons, or bao at home. If you’ve ever made dumplings, you’ll know the feeling of getting lost in concentration as you pull and fold the sides. Kits are available for collection, or delivery across Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, and Kildare with the promise of nationwide delivery coming soon. Browse their meal kits here.


Hey, if you can find happiness in all of this, you do you, but please tell us your secret. Unsurprisingly, great food makes us happy, and our love of Allta Box is set to continue into 2021 as their first box of the year went on sale yesterday and no shock, sold out in jig time. Each week’s menu goes lives at noon on Mondays for nationwide delivery at the weekend and you'll need to set an alarm for happiness of the Allta kind. Check it out here.


It’s impossible to be sad while eating fried chicken. Fact. While chicken joints seem to be popping-up around Dublin faster than Bernie Sanders memes on our Twitter timeline, one we’ve tried lately and really liked is Happy Endings, a pop-up based out of the Dorset Lounge with collection or delivery (via Deliveroo). Crispy buttermilk fried chicken fillet burgers and tenders teamed with sauces and dressings bursting with flavours of ramen and gochujang set these faaaar apart from anything you’ll get in a greasy bucket. Topped fries and sides like chicken toast (their take on the ubiquitous Chinese take-away prawn version) will get you through the saddest of days.


There’s a lot to be fearful of right now, and sometimes the best way to face the unknown is to remember the familiar. While we’re really missing our favourite cafés and not all are open for business, many are still operating on a more limited take-away business. If you’re able to get to them, a walk to your local café will clear your head and you’ll be rewarded with friendly smiles and baked goods; win-win. Currently, lots of your favourites are open, including ALMA, Two Pups, Laine My Love, BaaBaa by Blacksheep, Fia, Noshington Café, and Two Boys Brew.


Had lots of plans for the 2020s? Feel like repeatedly hitting your head off a wall and smashing things? We hear you. Take the pain-free option and have a smash burger from Dash Burger on Kevin Street instead. Definitely our preferred way to release some pent-up frustration right now.


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