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Pala Pizza & Trattoria Opens In Foxrock

After what felt like an agonising wait (for us anyway), Pala Pizza in Foxrock have finally opened their trattoria upstairs, in the site that used to house Bistro One, which was open for an incredible 30 years.

Chef Rory Shannon (son of former Bistro One owner Mark Shannon) first started outdoor Pala Pizza as a way to keep the space busy during lockdowns, and his Roman-style, topped pizzas proved so popular that the family decide it was time for Bistro One to say bye, and usher in the age of Pala Pizza & Trattoria.

The menu is trattoria through and through, with house-made charcuterie, deep fried suppli and macaroni, fresh pasta, and of course those crispy pizzas Pala is famous for. You'll also find filled focaccia, prime rib and whole seabream, and this is a neighbourhood restaurant very much aimed at locals and families, with prices ranging from a slice of margherita pizza for €4 to Osso Bucco Milanese for €26. We're guessing it's going to be hard to leave without ordering their showstopper dessert of deep-fried apple calzone - definitely one for sharing.

Pala Pizza and Trattoria is open from Wednesday - Sunday from 17:00, and reservations can be made here.

Pala Pizza & Trattoria

3 Brighton Road, Foxrock, Co. Dublin


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