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The Two Minute Review: Marsella's Takeaway

What should we know about Marsella's Takeaway in Finglas?

When we saw that a chipper was grating literal fresh truffle onto their food, we hightailed it there quicker than you could say batterdborgarandchips. Around the corner from Slice of Naples, Marsella's is ran by Max - a charming Italian fella with one of those wonderful hybrid Dub-Italian accents. He has recently been flying in the nuggets of goodness from his village Alvito, between Naples and Rome.

What did you have?

Their truffle menu features a truffle pizza, truffle chips, and a truffle dip, and a meal deal of all three plus a drink comes laced with the good stuff for €26.99 - this might be the deal of the century. Order truffle in an upscale restaurant and they'll get the weighing scales out, clearing out your confirmation money for a sprinkle, but not in Finglas. Max is paying €300 a kilo for these prized menu additions, but is taking a hit to elevate his chipper and do something different. Round of applause for Max please.

Chips are obviously made fresh in house, and once out of the fryer are generously topped with freshly grated truffle and parmesan.

Eat them while they're hot to get the full flavor detonation. We weren't sure chipper chips could get much better - turns out they 100% can.

Their pizza dough proofs for over 72 hours, before being topped with standard mozzarella, grated potato, parmesan, and a very healthy dose of truffle, before it cooks in their very hot oven for two and a half minutes.

Chippers rarely claim to have the best pizza, and while we enjoyed the lashings of fresh summer truffle, overall it didn't do it for us, the dough lacking the Neapolitan chew from not being cooked in a traditional wood fired oven. Those less geeky about crusts will probably enjoy it just fine. The dip on the other hand blew our summer sandals off. Rich and creamy with a wanton amount of truffle, we'd really like him to start selling the stuff en masse. We'll pay any price.

We also sized up their fresh cod, just to see how their other chipper wares fare. The batter is on the thick side (no bad thing), and the piping hot, flaking fish was demolished in minutes.

We'd heard that Marsella's are famous for their kebab trays, and who are we to turn one of those down. The styrofoam box (weep - how are these still being made) came loaded with fluffy chips, doner meat, lettuce, onion and cabbage, all smothered in chilli and garlic sauce, and for €11 it could easily feed two people. It's the kebab collab we didn't think we needed, and didn't miss the pitta for one second.

Are there seats?

No, but the truffle menu ideally should be eaten ASAP, so we nipped to Johnstown Park, just down the road.

What is there to drink?

All the usual soft drinks, but if you're looking for good booze The Grape Vine a kilometre away has interesting wines and beer.

Why should I go?

Ain't no chipper in the country doing what Marsella's is doing right now, and we think this kind of innovation, delivered to this standard, deserves a standing ovation. Go for what's probably the best value truffle in the country, stay for the kebab tray, and have a bit of craic with Max while you're there.

Marsella's Takeaway

10 Fitzmaurice Road, Ballygall, Dublin 11

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