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Where To BYOB In Dublin

There's no shortage of great wine on Dublin restaurant lists these days, but affording most of it is another matter. When it comes to great value, there really isn't much of it around, so that's where BYOB (bring your own bottle) and corkage charges come in very handy.

Whether you want to bring along a special bottle that you've been saving, or just want to minimise spend while maximising quality by taking advantage of cheap (or no) corkage offers, there's plenty of places offering big time bang for your wine loving buck. Just be warned that some of the wine glasses you'll be presented with may not be up to your usual standard, so if it's a REALLY special bottle we recommend bringing your own...

Hawksmoor, Dublin 2

New opening Hawksmoor on College Green has the city abuzz, but a visit here won't come cheap (that €2 million fit out won't pay for itself). Make the most of your visit by going on a Monday where they'll let you BYO for just €5 (you can also do it Tuesday - Sunday for €25), and for maximum value you can bring a Magnum, Nebuchadnezzar or Balthazar for the same price. This is a corkage deal that won't be beaten.

Green Man Wines, Terenure

After a long hiatus, the wine bar at Green Man Wines is back open with small plates from their new chef served Thursday - Saturday. There's an always brilliant wine list, but the real value lies in being able to pluck anything off the shelf for a mere €10 corkage. We're going for Grower Champagne, WBU?

Fallon & Byrne's Wine Cellar, Dublin 2

The basement wine cellar in Fallon & Byrne offers a corkage charge of €10 on any wines off the shelf from Wednesday - Saturday, which is already great value, but from Sunday - Tuesday it's just €1. That's at home wine prices in a wine bar. If ever we needed convincing of midweek drinking...

Loretta's, Phibsborough

Loretta's is one of very few upmarket restaurants in Dublin to state their corkage policy openly on their website. It's €20 per bottle, or €30 if the wine needs decanting and extra special glassware, and if you have an extra special bottle at home that you'd love to drink in extra special surroundings this can work out very well. E.g. Sandhi's Central Coast Chardonnay will be priced at €85-90 on a wine list. If you buy it retail for around €40 and stick on another €20 for corkage, it's a considerable saving.

The Wine Pair, Dublin 8

The Wine Pair opens from Wednesday - Sunday for wine drinking and small plate eating, but Sunday is the day to visit when you can drink anything off the shelf with no corkage charge. Zero. That's around half price depending on the bottle. They're open open from 13:00 - 18:00 so day drinking it is.

Arisu, Capel Street

Korean BBQ restaurant Arisu charge €5 corkage, but glasses are predictably unsuitable for fine wine. If you're not fussy you can wash down your barbecued bulgogi, pork ribs and lamb chops with a bottle of your choice. We recommend something fruity and fleshy like a Riesling or Grüner Veltliner to pair with all the spice.

Shouk, Drumcondra

Delicious, Middle Eastern, purse-friendly food in Drumcondra that's predominantly vegetable based (but don't panic, they do have meat). Pittas, falafel, mezze and flavour-packed salads are always on the menu at Shouk, as well as rotating specials. They have their own passable wine list, but corkage for those in the know is €10 per bottle.

M & L Chinese, Dublin 1

One of the few places in Dublin to get authentic Sichuan food, the dumplings and fried green beans with chilli at M & L Chinese have caused many addictions to be formed over the years (raises hand). Corkage is €6.50 but go easy on the chilli oil if you're taking something nice. We have brought our own wine glasses here, and we recommend doing the same if it's a really good bottle.

Fayrouz, Dublin 8

A taste of Lebanon in the Liberties, Fayrouz has an authentic menu of mezzes and grilled meats on offer alongside broader fare like shawarma and shish. Vegetarian options are particularly good, while their tabbouleh has a reputation as among the city’s best. Corkage is free (for some bizarre but wonderful reason) for tables of fewer than six, and nearby Molloy’s has Lebanese wine in stock for a perfect pairing option.

Pho Ta, Temple Bar

Delicious, flavour-filled Vietnamese food in Temple Bar with the friendliest staff. Try Pho Ta's unusual looking (but amazing tasting) steamed rice paper rolls with prawn, the cold beef salad or the crispy fried rice noodles with chicken or prawn. Corkage is €5.

Zakura, Dublin 2

Fancy some Chardonnay with your sashimi, Riesling with your ramen, Gewürztraminer with your gyoza? Zakura’s three south city sites all allow you to bring your own wine along to enjoy alongside their sushi and noodle-packed menus. Corkage is €6 per bottle.

Dada, Dublin 2

Top-quality Irish meat gets the Moroccan treatment in Dada, with a menu brimming with traditional tagines and couscous. The harissa and ras el hanout can make for some seriously spicy dishes, so be sure to pair wisely. Corkage is €5 for wine, €7 for Champage, and €1.50 per beer.

Pho Kim, Dublin 1

Some of the best Vietnamese food in the city with excellent savoury pancakes, Pho (noodle soup) and Bun (rice vermicelli with a combination of meat, spring rolls, fresh vegetables and herbs). Pho Kim charge corkage of €7 on wine and €1.50 on beer.

Musashi, Dublin 1

Musashi now has six locations across Dublin, with sushi aficionados frequently mentioning it as one of Dublin's top spots. A hot tip is to go mid-afternoon when they've sold out of lunchtime stock and are making it fresh. Only the Parnell Street branch allow BYO and corkage is €6 per bottle.

Jerusalem, Dublin 2

Hearty home cooking Arabian style, Jerusalem takes inspiration from across the Middle East in its menu but hones in particularly on Lebanon and Jordan. Makloubeh, a slow-cooked rice dish studded with veg and served upside-down, is one not to miss. Corkage is €5 for wine and €2.50 for beer.

Eatokyo, Temple Bar

Sushi, gyoza, katsu curry and noodle dishes are all on the menu at Eatokyo on Wellington Quay, although a couple of critics have recommended veering towards the hot dishes over the sushi. Corkage is €6.

Rotana Café, Portobello

Casual Lebanese restaurant in Portobello serving charcoal-grilled kebabs, falafel sandwiches and mezze platters at very good prices. Corkage is free in Rotana when you have two courses.

Keshk Café, Dublin 4

Casual, no-frills Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food in Ballsbridge, with all meat at Keshk Café cooked on a charcoal grill and the lamb moussaka coming highly recommended. Corkage is free.

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