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Where To Eat Pancakes On Pancake Tuesday

Poor Pancake Tuesday seems to have been all but forgotten this year. Between Covid and Valentine's Day stealing its thunder, our favourite holiday is at risk of fading into the wallpaper in 2021, but not if we can help it. If any of these places are within your 5km get down there today and pick up a pancake. It's bound to be the highlight of the week.

Fable & Stey

Fable & Stey in Blackrock seemed to be one of the only places talking about PT a week in advance this year - our kind of excitement. Their "all the trimmings" ultimate pancake set serves four and contains fluffy American pancake mix, fresh fruit, peanut brittle, mini marshmallows, salted caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, mini chocolate chips, orange juice, eggs and prosecco. At the time of writing they had very few left, so if you want to get your hands on one call them asap on 01 5610382.

Lennox Street Grocer

While they won't actually do the cooking for you, Lennox Street Grocer have lovely looking bottles of Jersey milk pancake mix ready to pour. They also sell organic maple syrup, dulce de leche and Murphy's sea salt ice-cream - you know what to do.

Lilliput Stores, Stoneybatter

Lilliput Stores in Stoneybatter are taking a slightly different (yet no less appealing) tack with this mille crêpe cake, sold by the slice with a tiramisu icing.

Kerb, Foxrock

Kerb in Foxrock will be topping their wholemeal stacked pancakes with berry compote, yoghurt, cashew caramel and granola. They're available from 10:00 - 12:00 and you can pre-order by calling them on 01 2896735.