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Where To Get A Hotel Breakfast in Dublin Without Checking In

If not the very best thing about being on holidays, the hotel breakfast isn’t far from the top. The ill-disciplined indulgence of going back for seconds and thirds, the so-wrong-it's-right alternating plates of sweet and savoury, the excitement of arriving just as a piping hot top-up is wheeled in - we refuse to believe there’s a single soul out there who doesn’t love it. If you’ve ever found yourself craving that hotel experience without a holiday on the horizon, have we got good news for you. We've found over a dozen Dublin hotels that welcome walk-ins for breakfast – you’re welcome...

The Garden Room at The Merrion, Dublin 2

They don’t come fancier than The Merrion’s Garden Room, nor pricier either – the continental buffet here will set you back €29.50, with the fully-cooked Irish array an eye-watering €35.50. Expect homemade muesli and granola alongside premium supplier meats and cheeses. The tofu turmeric scramble makes for a solid vegan option, though the less said about a potato scone where a hash brown ought to be, the better. To book email

The Coburg at The Conrad, Dublin 2

Another one on the higher end of things is The Conrad’s Coburg brasserie, where you can take a seat for the continental buffet and something cooked for €25. The surrounds are lush and cosy even if provenance isn’t as prominent as you might expect for that price tag – “Limerick ham” and “Dublin cheddar cheese” notwithstanding.

The Westin, Dublin 2

It’s five star prices at the five-star The Westin, with walk-in breakfast going for a not-insubstantial €27.95. Their full hot and cold spread covers all the bases, with homemade fruit smoothies and chocolate muffins proving the reliable high point, if customer reviews are to be trusted. They close it off at 10am, so be sure to get in early.

Halo at The Morrison, Dublin 1

Halo restaurant in Ormond Quay’s The Morrison charges €23 for your choice of their à la carte options, though we’re pleased to report you can take the full buffet option for that price too. Meat provenance has been put front and centre with suppliers like Quigley’s and O‘Neill’s, so you should be in pretty safe hands. Check out the menu here.

Citron at The Fitzwilliam

Definitely among the pricier options on our list is Citron at The Fitzwilliam, with the full Irish going for €32.50 and the continental at a remarkably specific €28.80. We will say that items like honey poached pear with Greek yoghurt and granola, and goat cheese and caramelised onion omelette piqued our interest, and while homemade Irish potato cakes are not hash browns, they might do.

Staunton's on the Green, Dublin 2

The central Staunton’s on the Green welcomes walk-ins at a very reasonable rate of €17.50 for the full Irish buffet or just €12.50 for the continental choices. Detail is slim but they’ve described it as hearty and boast about a Georgina Campbell best breakfast commendation – this might well be an ideal choice if yer Da is tagging along with you.

The Iveagh at Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2

The Camden Court Hotel’s restaurant The Iveagh makes a serious effort to cater to vegan needs with a plant-based pastry section, which makes it one of the most vegan-friendly options on this list. With a broad range of buffet options and a relatively low €18 price tag, this one’s a great all-rounder for a gang. They’ve got those all-important hash browns, too.

The Eddison at The Dylan, Dublin 2

Very little on this list lit up our eyes as much as the Ballinwillin Wild Boar black and white pudding to be found at The Eddison at The Dylan. That comes as part of the €18 full Irish plate, but other à la carte options including porridge, pancake stacks, and loaded omelettes are available if for some strange reason you aren’t as keen as we are to get that into you. See the menu here.

Alt at Wren Urban Nest, Dublin 2

Wren Urban Nest’s €19.95 per person buffet breakfast stands out first and foremost for the quality of its vegan breakfast, cooked to order and featuring peanut rayu-laced scrambled tofu – a far more considered option than you get in most places. Otherwise their gourmet charcuterie board with artisan Irish cheeses and a homemade cake platter elevate them above the usual fare. See the menu here.

The Samuel Hotel, Dublin 1

We have to take issue with The Samuel naming its offering 'the Vitality Breakfast', given it’s missing the most vital item of all (yes, hash browns are the hill we will die on), but with its health-led hydration station and fruit and nut-laden porridges, we appreciate the angle. All that and the usual hot food selection can be yours for €17. See the menu here.

Seasons at The Intercontinental, Dublin 4

Looking to really indulge? Seasons restaurant in Ballsbridge’s Intercontinental Hotel is the breakfast option for you. At €30 for the full Irish buffet spread and €23 for the (inter?)continental it’s among the priciest picks here, but with a host of namechecked suppliers and luxurious options like fresh honeycomb and a champagne mimosa (€25, if you’ve really lost the plot) this is the place to really go all out. See the menu here (we love the fairly-priced €10 kids menu too)

Haddington House, Dun Laoghaire

We've been known to spin off into a daydream on occasion thinking about an overnight stay in boutique hotel Haddington House. We love their restaurant Oliveto, we adore their Parlour bar and the award-worthy cocktails served within, so we feel very confident that we would very much enjoy their breakfast, served from 07:00 - 10:30. Their à la carte menu features all the favourites, as well as some off piste hotel options like a smoothie bowl with coconut, berries and granola. You can book online (where you can also see the menu) or walk in.

Layla’s at The Devlin, Ranelagh

If you’re lucky enough to catch a spell of sunshine, Layla’s Rooftop Restaurant at The Devlin in Ranelagh welcomes walk-in breakfasters – though booking is recommended. It’s an à la carte rather than buffet option here so perfect if you want something made to order. Options are expectedly heavy on eggs but never fear, they’ve got the all-important full Irish too, as well as a broad kids menu if you’ve got little ones in tow. See the menu here.

Whitty’s at the Sandymount Hotel, Sandymount

We’re low-key startled at how few of the options on this list mention the humble hash brown, whether just wrongly thinking it doesn’t merit mention or (whisper it) not doing them at all. So we’ll give Whitty’s at the Sandymount in D4 some credit for calling out theirs, alongside a pretty expansive coeliac selection – always good to see. They’re happy to have walk-ins for €17.95. See the menu here.

Chesterfields at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin 8

With an eye-catching claim of offering a buffet menu with in excess of 100 options, the Ashling Hotel’s Chesterfields restaurant are talking a big game. Sadly their website or customer reviews don’t shed a lot of light on what left-field choices they might have included to reach that milestone number, but you could find out for yourself for €18.50. See more information here.


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