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Where To Go For Post-Dinner Dessert In Dublin

You know the feeling. You’re having a lovely night, the food's great and the conversation's flowing, but you've been handed the dessert menu and nothing appeals. Alternatively, you've eaten too much and are in desperate need of a stroll to break the meal and rediscover your appetite. When either happens, you've got options. These are some of our favourite spots for post-dinner dessert that open late - and if you're really stuffed but can't kick your sweet tooth, dessert cocktails are also an option.

A Fianco, Stoneybatter

Grano’s sister restaurant A Fianco is walk in only and serves two of our favourite Italian desserts - a first rate tiramisu and their deconstructed cannoli – creamy ricotta with chocolate chips, crunchy pastry shell and pistachios. Take a perch on a high stool, survey the buzzy room and have a mosey at their great selection of Italian wines by the glass.

Chimac, Dublin 2

We are big fans of the ice cream sandwiches at Chimac and have finished off many a dinner with a stop in here. Our regular favourite has salted caramel ice cream between two chunky chocolate chip cookies, dipped in melted chocolate with a pretzel crumb, but we recently spotted their latest creation - pumpkin spice snickerdoodle cookies with cold brew ice cream, topped with white chocolate and a cinnamon crumble. Top tip: patience is a virtue. If you can wait a few minutes to let it slightly melt, the cookie texture is spot on. Also be aware - these sandwiches are huge and can easily be shared between two.

Murphy's, Dublin 2

Sorbet at Murphy’s is the perfect palate cleanser option. These guys have been making ice cream for more than twenty years and the sorbets are handmade in Dingle using Irish spring water. The flavours vary by season and we love the OGs mango and raspberry. If you're in need of ice-cream, the dingle sea salt is an interesting option for those looking for something a bit different. If you have space, we recommend a combo of the brown bread and raspberry sorbet, for a cup or cone akin to an elevated jam sandwich.

Ayla Turkish Foods, Capel Street

It feels like you can find almost anything on Capel Street these days, with so many different cuisines represented. In Ayla Turkish Foods you can find every middle eastern ingredient you can think of (it’s where we go to get our pub piber chilli flakes), and on the sweet side they serve Turkish delight and nougat. For our money the best thing on the menu is the pistachio baklava - layered filo pastry filled with chopped pistachio, for maximum sweet, flaky goodness.  It's priced by the kilo but we're usually satisfied with a couple of pieces each (only open until 8pm).

Note, Dublin 2

The staff in Note are so helpful and knowledgeable and will help you to pair their desserts and cheeses with a digestive or dessert wine. They also make their own limoncello which is a far cry fro