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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Summer!? Where are you!?!? Usually by now we're well into salad plates, seafood platters and ice-cream, but God laughs while you're making plans, so instead we're eyeing up twice fried chicken popcorn, melting beef toasties and spicy curries, while we wait for Junior Cert weather to show its face...

1) Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken & Chips, Kakilang

Twice-fried just sounds better than fried doesn't it? Especially when it's in reference to Taiwanese popcorn chicken with chips drizzled in sriracha mayo from Kakilang. Driver, take us to the quays...

2) Kid-Sized Everything, Daata

We love when restaurants treat children like miniature humans rather than processed food trash cans, so felt all warm inside when we saw that Daata do half portions of some of their favourite dishes for your little restaurant lovers. Samosas, chicken tikka skewers, and prawn coconut curry are all available in kids sizes at an exceptional value €10 for three courses, and there isn't a goujon or bottle of ketchup in sight.

3) The Beef & Brie Melt, 147 Deli

The only thing better than a 147 Deli sandwich, is a 147 Deli sandwich with a side of jus. This week's beef and brie melt special comes with red wine braised brisket, Brie cheese, confit plum tomatoes, roasted red onions, Dijon mustard, rocket, and that all important side of roasted garlic and beef jus. And if you've never had a toasted sandwich with a side of jus for dipping or pouring, get in here ASAP and see what you've been missing.

4) Raspberry Tart, Richmond

Parisian patisserie or Portobello? We'll be very tempted to head for Dublin 8 next week if this raspberry, chocolate and hazelnut tart makes it onto the menu at Richmond.

5) The KimCheese Burger, Chimac

A pandemic may have delayed them, but Chimac are teasing us about their long awaited second location coming soon. It's reminded us of how good their KimCheese burger is, with ssamjang & cheddar cheese sauce, spring onion kimchi, and gochujang mayo, and that it's been way too long since we had one.


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