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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

We're just about to hit the halfway point of 2022 and, while the first few months were mainly spent inside, we've definitely noticed an increase in group activities this summer. Whether you've hit Pride, fan-girled to Harry Styles, or spent a gazillion hours queueing in Dublin airport, it's safe to say that you're probably feeling a little peopled-out right now. To celebrate solitude, here are five things we want to eat in Dublin this week that you won't have to share...

1) Tomato and Comté Sandwich, Daddy's

"Give me a bite of your tomato sandwich" is nothing any sane person would ever say, so you needn't feel bad about keeping this one to yourself. Plus, Daddy's heirloom tomato and Comté sandwich on Tartine sourdough is packed with bagna càuda (an Italian dip featuring an obscene amount of anchovy and garlic) meaning that you won't be top of anyone's up-close-and-personal list for a while.

2) Smoked Fish Caviar Wonton, Hang Dai

Smoked fish, caviar, wontons; some of our favourite things in one perfect bite. Find it on the snack menu in Hang Dai, and if anyone asks to share, just make them order their own.

3) Fupiloco, Fuppindelish

Look, we're not saying that the gang in Fuppin Delish, a taco and Mexican snackfood van that's resident in the beer garden of Humphrey's Pub in Ranelagh, have been inhaling too many exhaust fumes, but it's the only possible solution we can come up with for their Fupiloco. A bag of Doritos (or Hunky Dory or Tayto, if you're into fusion food) topped with cucumber, apple, pickled onion, peanuts, fruity-spicy chamoy sauce, and Tajin chili. Oh, and Gummy Bears are scattered on for a finish. Is it weird? Yes. Do we want to try it? Definitely. Do we think we might be alone in that? Very possibly.

4) Kimchi Mussels, Soup and Soup 2

The Soups (the original in Dún Laoghaire and Soup 2 in Smithfield) have launched their summer menu and it includes these mussels cooked in chipotle chili and a kimchi sake cream, and served with chargrilled bread with garlic oil. Thanks to decent window counter space, and just a generally relaxed buzz, we love Soup for solo dining, and the best way to avoid having to share is going full-hermit occasionally.

5) Tiramiwho Ice-Cream Sandwich, Cold Boi

Is it socially acceptable to ask someone for a bite of their ice-cream sandwich? There are exceptions (mainly small children, and cute dogs) but we very much plan to keep this one from Cold Boi to ourselves. Two blondies stuffed with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla ice-creams with a coffee ripple, and some crunch from Savoiardi biscuits. Find them in St. Anne's park on Saturdays, via the website, or at various stockists across Dublin.