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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The trees are up, the mulled wine is simmering, the Toy Show is already a distant memory – Christmas has well and truly begun. Our festive food articles have got you covered for all of your holiday needs (and most importantly Christmas sambos), but as always, we’ve got our eyes on all kinds of tastiness, and these are some of the dishes we can't take our eyes off this week...

1) Foie gras custard with English muffins, D'Olier Street

New kid on the block, D’Olier Street opened its doors this month and is the project of Anthony Smith (Mr Fox) and James Moore (former head chef at Michelin-starred Atera in New York), who both worked together at One Pico, along with Moore's wife Jane Frye. Currently on their €82 tasting menu is this foie gras custard with quince chutney and candied walnuts, served with house-made English muffins. As if we weren't already keen enough to visit...

2) Boiled then baked bagels, Elliot's

Flying off Phibsborough shelves, we can’t stop thinking about these delicious, seeded, boiled THEN baked bagels in Elliot’s - which any bagel obsessive will tell you are very hard to find. The microbakery is going from strength to strength, and between these bagels, last week's featured choux buns, and quince mince pies, we’re bringing an extra large tote bag with us on our next visit.

3) Bluefin tuna tartare, Hang Dai

When we’re looking for exciting Chinese food, good cocktails and a serious party vibe, Hang Dai on Camden Street is always top of mind. This week we’re hankering after their latest creation - bluefin tuna tartare with a sriracha soy dressing, served with edamame purée, royal Belgian caviar and lotus root crisps.

4) Knafeh, Shaku Maku

This Middle Eastern diner in the heart of Rathmines has been serving mezze platters, griddle plans and “Josper” charcoal grills since early this year, but Shaku Maku's sweet offerings jump off their feed. We really want their “knafeh”, a Palestinian dessert consisting of crunchy shredded filo dough, baked with a layer of a sweet cheese, and then drenched in rosewater syrup.

5) Squid a la plancha, Uno Mas

One of our favourite places to eat in Dublin, Uno Mas is top of our list when it comes to superb food and great wine in the city. This pic of their squid a la plancha on the ‘para picar’ (‘to pick at’) menu, served with squid ink aioli and a garlic and parsley olive oil, was just the reminder we needed to book a table there pronto.


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