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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Summer was that you? No? Okay, we guess we can wait another few days/weeks/months for outdoor dining, park picnics and daily ice-creams. In the meantime we’ll just have to make do with Kingfish ceviche, savoury Maritozzis and coconut dulce de leche croissants...

1) Norwegian Kingfish, chilli and kumquat, Margadh RHA

There’s a new chef at Margadh RHA in the city centre, and he’s shaking things up with dishes like burrata with brown butter almonds and XO sauce, and this Norwegian Kingfish with kabousu honke chilli, kumquat and roast clementine. Kyle Vaughan was previously in Sydney’s Rockpool and head chef at the Bentley Group, and there’s a definite blast of sunshine coming from his food.

2) Savoury Maritozzi, A Fianco

We’ve given you the classic Maritozzi, we’ve give you the Queen of Puddings Maritozzi, now we offer to you, the ossobuco-filled Maritozzi. A Fianco just can’t stop giving us reasons to hop on the Luas in the direction of Stoneybatter, and this fluffy, meat-filled brioche with Calabrian saffron and parmigiano sauce (a perfect match with their Calabrian reds apparently) is just the latest.

3) Vegan Delight Sushi, Izakaya

Where exactly does vegan sushi get off looking this good? Is it the black rice? The deep-fried exterior? The pickled wakame on top? Whatever it is we’re adding one on to our next order at Izakaya.

4) Coconut and dulce de leche tart croissant, Medialuna

We ran to try Medialuna’s pastel de nata croissant tart after multiple messages from our readers telling us we should, and now they’ve gone and upped the ante with a coconut and dulce de leche version. Good thing we don't concern ourselves about things like bikini weather.

5) Imbibe Coffee & Pecan Praline Cruffins, Noisette

We love a cruffin in most forms, but an Imbibe coffee and pecan praline one? Where do we queue. Rush. That’s where we (and you) will have to queue if you want one of these, and we strongly recommend going early because Noisette is drawing the crowds from the time they open and selling out early.


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