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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

From old school classics like cacio e pepe, to new flavour combos like pepper sauce smash burgers, there seems to be an unending list of things we want to eat in Dublin this week. Here's five of the best...

1) Grilled Gambas with Peach and Guanciale, Woodruff

Woodruff continue to knock out some of the most beautiful looking dishes in the capital, and this summery starter is the latest addition to their menu. Grilled gambas come on top of charred gem, organic peach, guanciale and elderflower sabayon, and we fear we're in 'lick the plate' territory.

2) Roasted Tomato and Goat’s Cheese Galette, Fable Bakery

Savoury pastries are often the boring version of their sweet companions, and a lot of bakeries don't put as much effort into making them interesting, especially when sausage rolls basically walk out the door. Not the case however at Fable Bakery, whose glossy roasted tomato and goat's cheese galette with pesto rosso looks like it would beat an almond croissant any day.

3) Pepper Sauce Smash Burger, Juno

Juno has proven itself to be towards the top of the list for pub grub, and with smash burgers everywhere you look in Dublin, they've added a saucy little version to stand out. The 'pepper sauce smash' has dry aged beef, maggi onions & peppers, melted jack cheese, rocket and three peppercorn sauce on a sourdough bun. and we don't care how many napkins will be needed to eat it.

4) Cacio E Pepe, Piglet Wine Bar

Cacio e pepe while simple is not easy to get right - loads of places make some monumental mistakes with what should be a four-ingredient dish. Piglet Wine Bar however has been doing it for a long time, and we'd place a bet that this one will be up there with the best - we'd like to confirm that in person asap. The accompanying wine list won't hurt your palate either.

5) Kouign-amann, The Morning Bakery

The Morning Bakery are buttering us up with this new addition, the Kouign-Amann. The crunchy, sugary, laminated pastry, along with a coffee from the Pleasants Street bakery would surely make some of the gloomy mornings in the office this week a little easier.


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