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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Scallop crudo, summer mousse, and a final chance to eat some of Dublin 8's finest small plates before they're gone forever. Here's the 5 things we most want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Scallop crudo with tiger milk, Amy Austin

Nothing says summer like ceviche, and right now we need all the summer we can get. Amy Austin's scallop crudo with tiger milk, burnt corn & wasabi eggs is best eaten outside while the Drury Street passers by look on enviously, but failing that an inside seat looking out at the pouring rain is a close second.

2) Coconut and pineapple mousse, Il Valentino

Il Valentino near Grand Canal Dock aren't giving up on summer yet, and have just put this August special of coconut and pineapple mousse on the menu. Finding a window of sunshine to enjoy it at their outside water-facing seats would be one remedy to the most rubbish July on record.

3) Empanadas, Bakeology

In answer to Bakeology's question, yes we have tried your empanadas, but it's been too long since we held a golden, freshly baked pastry stuffed with lightly spiced mince, chimichurri dripping down our hands as we obliterate it in three bites. This post is the sign we needed to rectify that.

4) Small plates, Hen's Teeth

Hen's Teeth dropped a bit of a bombshell last week with the news that their café and restaurant are closing from September, when they'll become a full time events space. Sad news for many, but you've still got a few weeks to visit for ramen Scotch eggs, goat's cheese bon bons and miso glazed aubergines, so hop to it.

5) Bangers & Mash, Juno

Not exactly the quintessential summer food, but it hasn't exactly been the quintessential summer. We didn't try the sausages and mash during our Juno once over, but based on how good every other dish was, we can't see it letting the side down.


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