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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

We’re ready for summer. We’re ready for days so warm that hanging around the frozen food aisle becomes a national pastime, and queueing for ice-cream is the most productive thing we’ll do all week. While the weekend was lovely it looks like it’s not time to crack out the paddleboards and factor 50 just yet. Here are five foods that’ll help you bridge the gap between summer weather, and whatever seasons the next few weeks throw at us.

1) Roast Chicken Salad from Junior’s

You know when you buy a new goldfish and can’t add it to the tank straight away because the sudden change of environment might be too much of a shock? That’s our approach to salads. We like to ease ourselves in gently with something that’s technically a hearty dinner but with added leaves, like this roast chicken salad for two from Junior’s with torn bread, pine nuts, golden raisins, scallions and a roasting juice and Chardonnay dressing.

2) Poké Bowl from Shaka Poké

Look, we’re not saying you’re spending too much time inside watching TV, but your couch has a butt-dent and you have the “duh-dum” of a Netflix Original as a constant earworm. Time to get up, get out, and get to Shaka Poké in Blackrock Market for some super-bright and summery poké bowls. The menu has set bowls or you can build your own with Ahi tuna, crab, salmon, or go vegan with tofu and avocado, plus lots of rice, zoodles, veggies, and sauces.

3) Smoked Pork Sandwich from Tír Deli

Opening today, Tír Deli on Baggot takes the place of what was Cocu Kitchen (who’ll be back on Hatch Street once restrictions allow) and is focused on seasonal Irish sandwiches and house-smoked meats. Top of our list to try is the smoked pork sandwich, which should keep our needs ticking over nicely until BBQ season, and realistically year-round cos ain’t nobody got time for smoking their own meat. All opening day proceeds are going to the Irish Cancer Society so you’ll be doing some good while stuffing your face.

4) Rhubarb Brioche from Overends Kitchen

Overends Kitchen at Airfield Estate is normally a bright spot in the Dublin food landscape and this summer it’s bound to be a go-to location for many. This brioche, made with rhubarb from the estate, pretty much sums up the promise of summer for us.

5) Cereal Iced Coffees from Laine My Love

Is milk a food? No. Is a coffee made from cereal-flavoured milk technically a food? Also no, but we think it’s important that you know that Coco Pop mochas and cereal-milk lattes are a thing now so we’re including them here. Consider it a public service announcement from us and Laine My Love. You are most welcome.