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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Top-tier bruschetta, high-end nachos, and a seasonal stew that stopped us in our tracks. Here's the best looking food going in Dublin this week...

1) Venison borscht, Fairmental

Say it with us: Venison. Borscht. Fairmental have debuted plenty of great plates to expand things beyond their range of fermented foods since opening their Grand Canal Street café at the start of the year, but we're not sure anything got such a gasp from us as this seasonal stew.

2) Roasted fig bruschetta, Oliveto

How often do you get really excited about a bruschetta? Samey combos make this a typically skipabble dish, but Oliveto have cast off the air of meh with a seasonal pairing of roasted black figs and whipped goats' cheese, sprinkled with rosemary and hazelnuts and drizzled with Irish honey.

3) Fermented beetroot dip, The Legal Eagle

The Legal Eagle is back at last after a very lengthy absence, and one of the new menu's highlights is a host of delicious and very fairly-priced vegetarian dishes. We love the eye-popping colour of this fermented beetroot dip with dill and cashew, served with a side of Japanese turnip and airy, crisp flatbreads.

4) Crispy chicken skin nachos, Orani

New Blanchardstown arrival Orani have caught our eye more than a few times since opening a few months back. The latest dish to do it is this bowl of crispy chicken skin nachos - say that without salivating - slathered with their homemade sauce. It's not a combo we've ever thought about before; now it's one we can't stop thinking about.

5) Salted caramel knot, Bread 41

Sometimes, it's the simple things. Bread 41's beautifully browned pastry knot is a treat in any form, but dipped here in a rich caramel sauce and sprinkled with a pinch of coarse sea salt it takes on a whole new appeal.


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