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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

The fanciest brunch in the city, an injectable cruffin, and a crab sambo in the form of a homage are among the 5 things that have caught our eye this week. Feast your eyes on these...

1) Hazelnut & chocolate cruffin, Drop Coffee

It's a double hazelnut and chocolate cruffin with an injectable shot of Baileys - what is there not to love? Pop on down to Drop Coffee in Drumcondra and get the festive season started.

2) Sautéed gambas, Juno

Juno aren't messing around in the kitchen, and this week their sautéed fresh Irish prawns are served with garlic, ginger & jalapeño butter, sesame & sourdough. Like come on, jalapeño butter!? Dzvine.

3) Banoffee French toast, Happy Out, Donnybrook

The sheer concept of banoffee French toast had our ears perking up, and that was before serving it with a cinnamon mascarpone and topping it with a dulce de leche sauce. These lads at Happy Out know what's up. Brb, hightailing it to Donnybrook.

4) Irish lobster brunch, Gigi's

Eggs Florentine? Who's she. Gigi's in Ranelagh are taking the humble brunch up several notches with this Irish lobster eggs Benedict. Who says brunch can't be fancy AF?

5) Crab Toastie, Chimac

We love this tribute Chimac have made to Table Wine, the chilled out small plates/wine bar/restaurant that closed in November 2022. Their signature dish was a legendary crab sandwich that Chimac have paid homage to with their latest toastie -with-a-twist, and they've spoiled us by dropping the recipe. The combo of fresh crab, gruyere, cheddar and Sriracha caramel sounds unmissable in the taste stakes.


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