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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

A cracker of a pastry from Ranelagh's newest bakery, a bánh mì bursting with beef cheek, and a poached pear dessert from Keelan Higgs (aka the King of Thomas Street) are just some of the dishes that we can't stop thinking about this week in the capital...

1) This pain au chocolat, Una Bakery

Una Bakery have created quite the stir on social media with their recent opening in Ranelagh and it's easy to see why. Their pastries have layers for days and it looks like we'll be queuing for the foreseeable to get our hand on them.

2) Eel rostis, Note

Let's be real - the snack sections of menus are the best part. We love anything served on a rosti, and a couple of these ones from Note topped with eel and lemon, best served with a glass of orange wine perched at the bar, is our idea of a fine time.

3) Reuben bánh mì, Happy's x Crudo

Happy's Bar and Street Food are great lads for a collab, and their latest sees them teaming up with sister restaurant Crudo in Sandymount. This monster of a bánh mì is filled with house smoked beef cheek pastrami, smoked gubbeen, sweet red pepper pickles, Cavolo Nero kraut and an nduja Russian dresssing, all on a Vietnamese style baguette. Get 'em while you can, they're only available until the end of the month.

4) Poached Pear, Variety Jones

Keelan Higgs' hands should be blessed - his latest dessert at Variety Jones is another miracle in the making. It's a poached pear glazed in a lemon puree, with whey caramel, sheep's yoghurt, toasted walnut, and preserved lemon, served alongside a treacle tart dressed with marinated Granny Smith apple, and an earl grey tea ice cream. Praise the Lord.

5) Poached Atlantic cod with Mark's mushrooms, Bastible

Bastible have teamed up with neighbour Mark Senn (ex-Veginity) whose Mushroom Butcher food truck is just across the street, for this new dish of poached Atlantic cod. It's served with "Mark's mushrooms", cultivated by the man himself, as well as cep powder, Lissadell cockles, grilled organic kale and tarragon mayo. Find it on the menu for the next couple of weeks.


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