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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

Snacks stopping us in our tracks, a super fun sundae, and a stunning summer salmon plate - here's the alliteration-worthy dishes wowing us this week...

1) Rice Chips, Floritz

One of the newest openings in the city, Floritz are at 22 St. Stephen's Green (just above Cellar 22), and describe themselves as "a contemporary, Asian-inspired dining experience". Their menu is trés exciting with options like Balfegó tuna, wagyu beef tartare, and lobster bao - but these rice chips with dragon sauce look ridiculously crispy, and we're kicking ourselves that we didn't try them for this week's once over. Guess we'll just have to go back....

2) Barbecued Organic Salmon, Asador

We're well into BBQ season and this barbecued organic salmon from Asador served with tomato, olive, caper and basil salsa is giving us all the inspo to get the grill fired up. Or you know, head to Asador's terrace instead and not have any of the mess...

3) Spicy Calamari, Brighton Road

Summer is just an excuse to eat all the seafood, and this spicy calamari starter from Brighton Road is the dream reason to make the trip out to Foxrock. That lightly spiced batter, those tentacles, the touch of samphire on top - all it needs is a cold glass of white wine.


4) Elderflower Posset, Craft Bistro

This Elderflower posset with strawberries, bee pollen and honeycomb, from Craft in Harold's Cross, is a hayfever busting dessert if we've ever seen one - get that pollen down your gullet instead of up your nose - it's basically medicinal.

5) Alfajores sundae, Bakeology

Alfajores (or alfies for short) are a soft cookie sandwich with a dulce de leche filling, and taste as delicious as that description. Bakeology are now suggesting we "break away from the traditional" and have them in an ice-cream sundae, and we don't be arguing with them. Go for dulce de leche with alfajores, or dulce de leche with oreos - either is a guaranteed good time.


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