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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

Caviar toasts on the side, a sandwich for the people, and crème brûlée beignets are just some of the things we most want to eat in Dublin this week. Here's the five we've narrowed it down to (with difficulty)...

1) Halibut with a smoked beurre blanc, D'Olier Street

D'Olier Street are back with another Picasso on a plate - this time a summery halibut dish with smoked beurre blanc (all kinds of naughty), lemon, and a caviar toast - because what else would you put on toast.

2) Young Buck and fig sandwich, Daddy's

Daddy's know what the people of Dublin want, and the people of Dublin want blue cheese and fig sandwiches. Chunks of Young Buck, fresh fig, grilled plums, and toasted hazelnuts are finished with oregano oil and McNally's organic leaves, all on organic sourdough. Just imagine it...

3) New sharing plates, Orwell Road

Orwell Road have just launched their new menu and we've got it bad for their new sharing plates. Cured sea bream with apple and jalapeno; BBQ pork belly with white onion purée; chicken butter croquettes with crispy skin - better bring the whole gang because how could you choose between this lot.


4) All the Cookies, Meltdown

This pop of colour from these cookies has grabbed our attention with both hands. Meltdown's newest treats come in four flavours - creamy pistachio; lemon pie; berry and chocolate; and coconut and pecan praline. One of each in a paper bag please, don't delay.

5) Creme brûlée beignet, Bread Man Walking

A speakeasy for bread lovers - Bread Man Walking is the viral micro bakery that Gerry Godley operates out of his gaf in Rialto. His latest creme brûlée beignet has us thinking twice about going out Friday night so we can be first in the queue on Saturday morning.


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