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The Best Summer Dishes In Dublin Right Now

One heat wave later and there’s no denying the summer has finally come, bringing with it a fresh new seasonal bounty of ingredients to shake up menus across Dublin city and surrounds. From the juiciest sour-sweet Wexford strawberries, to podded peas and the first sights of stone fruit, here’s the best of the early summer inventions around town right now.

Strawberry baklava, Amy Austin

Amy Austin head chef Victor Lara has cooked up a whistle-stop world tour for his summer menu this year, with a range of internationally-inspired dishes from Morocco to Japan making for a whole lot of choice - we’re thinking a group happy to share it all might be a good idea here. The cherry (strawberry) on top has to be this summer baklava with fresh basil - what a beauty.

Ricotta gnudi with tarragon and pea puree, The Winding Stair

Summer often gets overlooked among the seasons for the simple reason most of its best ingredients are now available year-round, if only awfully unsustainably: the real joy of the season comes in tasting them at their local, fresh best. We would happily take just a plate of The Winding Stair’s pea puree; as far as we’re concerned, all this added goodness of ricotta gnudi, wild Irish mushrooms and tarragon on top is a bonus.

Summer sandwich, Tir Deli

We love Tir Deli‘s idea of soft-launching seasonal items at half-price, as they did with their sandwich over the weekend - what better way to get people excited about summer ingredients? They’ve gone with seasonal greens and grilled veg here, layered with garlic and herb cream cheese, between chunky slices of beautifully-browned focaccia.

Strawberry salad, Daddy’s

There’s nothing we love more in seasonal menus than familiar ingredients used in unexpected ways. Daddy’s have given Wexford strawberries a break from the dessert menu and tossed them in a salad instead, with Cashel blue, spelt, McNally leaves, tarragon croutons and crackers. This is the kind of summer creativity we're all about.

Citrus and Rush raspberry Danish, Noisette

New bakery Noisette has been knocking out summer specialties lately like the clock is ticking, and while we’re just as keen to try their apricot and pear treats, it’s the hyper-locality of Rush raspberries that will have us heading straight for this one. A sharp citrus cream inside the crisp Danish completes the effect.

Pride tart, Bread Man Walking

Ever a mainstay of our seasonal special rundowns, Bread Man Walking has done a double on summer with a colourful Pride tart making the most of these fruit-filled months. We’re especially into the little slivers of candied kumquat sitting among the more typical tart fruits.

Strawberry and elderflower Danish, Scéal

In a very crowded field for prettiest plate this season, the gong might just have to go to Scéal for this beauty. Elderflower syrup-macerated strawberries sit in a whipped elderflower ganache piped over strawberry jam - if you got through that without feeling weak at the knees, you’re made of sterner stuff than us. The bad news is they’re taking a little break for now, but you can join the queue for this one first thing on June 30th.

Apricot tart, BaaBaa Café

Apricot and thyme is one of the low-key great combos of summer cooking, so we’re dying to try this frangipane tart by BaaBaa in Chapelizod, with the sweet citrus acidity of orange. We might just as easily have picked out their pretty pink raspberry and orange muffins to feature here; luckily there’s no such Sophie’s choice when choosing which to eat.

Blue fin tuna, Mr Fox

Fish and shellfish are too often forgotten when it comes to seasonality - as well as lobster, summer brings with it the best and biggest blue fin tuna. Mr Fox are bringing out its best with jalapeno, sugar snap and brown beech, all dressed in a light ponzu sauce. The rest of the June menu has plenty to turn heads too - we’re all over the strawberry and vanilla plate.

Dark chocolate tart with strawberries, The Woollen Mills

Sometimes it’s best to just step back and let the season’s best ingredients speak for themselves, no frills needed. At The Woollen Mills, they’re serving naked Wicklow strawberries beside a vegan dark chocolate tart, to let the berries’ natural sweetness play off the rich chocolate intensity. Enough said.

Raspberry and pistachio sponge, Luna

Luna have outdone themselves with this spectacle of a seasonal plate, pairing raspberries and a piped pistachio cream over a Chambord-soaked sponge, and finishing it with two sweet cigars of meringue. We can only imagine the rush of textures and flavours that comes from biting into this.

Tagliatelle con zucchini, Aperitivo

Aperitivo’s new specials all look great - we'll never say no to an asparagus risotto - but it’s this creamy courgette pasta that has us most excited. At this stage of the season we’ve not seen all too much courgette crop up around the place, but here’s hoping this marks a starting gun.

Strawberry pavlova cruffin, Bread 41

Never to be outdone on the seasonal special front, Bread 41 are straight out the gate with another extravagant confection we can't stop thinking about tearing into. Their famed dough is filled with a whipped mascarpone, strawberry citrus puree and a strawberry-topped meringue, and if that doesn’t bring the summer mood, nothing will...


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