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The Two Minute Review: Little Richards

What should we know about Little Richards?

On a never ending quest to find the best pizza in Dublin, we made the trek to Skerries to check out the foodie-circle-hyped Little Richards, which is tacked on to the side of Keane’s Bus Bar. Their chef from Bologna flew in the wood fired pizza oven all the way from Italy, and their pizzas are cooked at 400c using birch wood - we were hoping for great things from this Neapolitan pizza joint.

What did you have?

We had some Italian Bruschetta to start, topped with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto and rocket. It was more of a straight up flatbread, which is always a tad disappointing when the starters are just smaller, less topped versions of pizza, but not to worry, we didn’t come here for the starters.

Their pizza menu is very varied with a lot of interesting combos. We started with their signature - the Little Richard - topped with mozzarella, parmesan, sausage, provolone, spinach, fresh chillies and garlic oil. The cheese to sauce and toppings ratio was perfect, and everything was very flavourful from strong garlic oil to a welcome chilli kick. Unfortunately the dough lacked the fluffy, chewy texture that's a must when it comes to Neapolitan pizza.

The Puck Fair flavours were also a delight with rich goats cheese dotted across the pie, a zing of red onion, sweetness from the honey, and a really nice texture contrast with the crunchy walnut topping.

The Vegan was packed with veggies, a real knife and fork job, and included vegan mozzarella, peppers, wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic oil, and a hefty amount of rocket. Viva la '90s. At €13.50 this felt like very good value.

Generally we welcome white based pizzas, but the Mushrooms missed the mark for us. Topped with mushroom paste, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, wild mushrooms, parma and truffle oil, this was far too savoury and rich with nothing to cut through the musty flavour. A few bites in and we were mushroomed out.

The dips on the other hand were elite. They really did taste homemade and we couldn’t decide if the black truffle garlic or the pesto was better. Staff were charming and friendly, but only at the end did we hear that they have specials on every evening. Apparently the chef likes to experiment (last week with sardines) and we were raging we didn’t find out earlier.

What about dessert?

We can’t resist cannoli, and were grateful they sold them by the piece, post pizza feast. These were crunchy on the outside with a light fluffy ricotta filling on the inside, and were a sweet little ending to graduate our palettes back to normality from all the garlic oil.

What is there to drink?

The pub next door provides the drinks, and they have a small selection of cocktails, somewhat bog standard pub wine, and a solid beer offering.

Why should I go?

Little Richards doesn’t quite have the best pizza in Dublin, but definitely the best pizza in Skerries. We do commend them on their wide repertoire of toppings and combinations, just make sure to ask about the specials.

Little Richards

98 Strand Street, Townparks, Skerries, Co. Dublin


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