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The Two Minute Review: The Goodies

What should we know about The Goodies in NCAD?

The Goodies is the flagship café of the ever-so-hip NCAD, led by Siobhan Byrne. University cafés are really not the first place (at all) that you would a) go out of your way to chow down in and b) expect to have banging food and coffee. And all at student friendly prices? Gimme gimme more.

What did you have?

Their Instagram showed off more interesting dishes than what we found on offer when we visited (like 16-hour pork shoulder bánh mì and maritozzi), and their grain bowl of bulgar wheat, lentils, sweet potato wedges, and baba ganoush was sold out, so our options were somewhat limited.

The special bagel held bacon and egg, with Dubliner cheddar and smoked tomato aioli, served on a sesame bagel (€7). The bacon, egg and cheese were generous, and the smoky aioli was made for amping up porky flavours - a very satisfying savoury snack. The bagel itself was clearly not made in house, but we can't have it all in studentsville.

The Jerusalem artichoke soup was a sweet and nutty deviant from the run of the mill flavours seen on other college campuses (and too many restaurant menus). The soup was topped with garlic and thyme crouton crunch bombs, and the smoked cream generously drizzled on top took this steamy bowl from a straight seven to a knockout nine. At €4 this was the steal of the week.

As Irish people, if we see a fancy jambon on offer, it's a legal requirement to order it. That day's special was filled with melting ham hock and leek woven perfectly in and out of the salty pork. It had a nice crunch to the edges, but the pastry was a little undercooked in the middle - for €3 a pop this is still a bargain, moreso if it had a few more minutes in the oven.

All good cafés have a signature sandwich, and The Goodies serves a ham and cheddar roll with pickles, chutney, and mayo - all made in house. The cheddar was nice and sharp, with the chutney and pickles a welcome tangy addition, and the excellent rye bread roll is sourced from artisan food supplier La Rousse.

What about that other café staple cake?

When we visited there were only two options left, so get here early folks. We tried their carrot and orange cakes, both satisfyingly soaked in syrup. but neither sickeningly sweet. We had no leftovers to take home, which says it all.

What is there to drink?

Coffee is the go to here, and we're starting to sound like a broken record, but a cup this decent in a college café, is virtually unheard of. They use the darker roasted Ariosa beans, which we find hit and miss depending on who's making it, but these guys are well trained, making it one of the best cups on the street.

Why should I go?

The motto at The Goodies most certainly is go early and go often. Keep an eye out for their specials, and enjoy the cheap eats. College campus food is rarely this good.

The Goodie's Café

100 Thomas St, Usher's Quay, Dublin 8

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