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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

We're calling it. It's officially summer. There isn't a cloud in the sky, the beaches are filled with sunbathers despite the at times chilly 17c, and ice-cream, strawberries and salads are everywhere we look. Here's five of the best this week...

1) Soup-Free Ramen, Nomo

Nomo have just added "soup-free ramen" to their menu for summer, available from today. "You what now?" we hear you say. It's called mazemen and it's basically a noodle bowl with those ramen noodles from Sun Noodle in the US, but hold the broth. It comes in shoyu and miso versions, and sounds like the ideal way to get a Nomo flavour hit without the soup in sunshine sweats.

2) Summer Salads, Overends Kitchen

Do salad get any more summery than these seasonal, organic plates from Overends Kitchen in Airfield Estate? For a genuine farm to fork experience, head to Dundrum for freshly picked carrots, radishes, leaves and cucumbers, dressed up with feta, ricotta, nuts, seeds, and all the edible flowers.

3) Soft Serve, Two Pups

In one of summer's ultimate calling cards, the Two Pups soft serve is back, and this time Northsiders can get it in their second location in Fairview. Get it topped with brownie and caramel sauce or you're not doing it right.

4) Summer French Toast, Milo's

Milo's don't seem to sit still for a minute, and yesterday their French Toast turned into Summer French Toast, with roasted strawberries, strawberry compote, fresh blueberries, roast almonds, lemon mousse, brown butter crumb and maple syrup, on their homemade brioche. We only had the rhubarb one a couple of weeks ago, but this is too tempting not to return...

5) Rainbow Iced Lattés, Brew Lab

We're not usually one for a brightly coloured gimmick, but when coffee specialists Brew Lab are behind it we're all in. Their new superfood rainbow iced lattés come in raspberry ripple, orange and beetroot, matcha, apple and lavender, and butterscotch and turmeric, and we plan on spending the summer drinking our way through the line up.


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