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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

A Filipino stew bursting at the seams with flavour, lunchtime flatbreads taken to new levels, and a chocolate dessert that reads like a post-dinner rollercoaster... There are the dishes we can't stop thinking about this week in the capital...

1) Folded flatbreads, Row Wines

Row Wines are about to drop a summer lunch special of folded flatbreads that will be available Wednesday to Fridays, 12:00 to 16:00, starting on May 1st. The selection includes pulled pork, king oyster mushroom, burrata with Parma ham, and confit duck, and they'll be available for takeaway too, See yis in the queue.

2) Jivara chocolate dessert, Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen

What can't Mickael Viljanen at Chapter One do? His latest creation is, as the Tiktokers say, the most aestheticly pleasing little dessert, made with Jivara lactée milk chocolate (aka the Champagne of chocolate), buckwheat, olive oil, Swiss mountain vinegar, baguette ice cream, tamari soy and miso. What a flavour adventure. We must embark upon it...

3) Duck lasagne, Little Forest

Little Forest appear to be hiding away, minding their own business, in the sleepy seaside town affectionally known as Blackrock, yet every so often they blow our minds with a pic like this. This duck lasagne is the way to take "comfort food" and kick it up several notches. Talk about showing off.

4) Squid with swede and wakame, D'Olier Street

We've been dying to get back to D'Olier Street since they were awarded their Michelin star, and this starter could be the very reason we rebook. We're talking squid with swede, wakame, wild garlic and caviar, paired with an orange Falanghina/Fiano blend from Italy. Need.

5) Kare-Kare, Orani Food Café Restaurant

We just love the dishes Orani are popping out, and their summer special is the latest in a long line of "need to eat that"s. Kare-Kare is a Filipino peanut based stew, and they serve theirs with crispy pork, pickled papaya, grilled aubergine, and pak choi. 'Stew' doesn't quite scream summer, but this one looks like an absolute banger. They're rolling it out from the 4th of May.


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