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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

The best of Irish ice cream meets a cookie, a pizza slice with an insane amount of pineapple, and a beef tartare that summers are made for - here's what we most want to eat in Dublin's fair city this week...

1) Frank's beef tartare, Piglet

Piglet on Cow's lane is always a reliable stop for French classics to go with all that wine, and their latest insta post has reconfirmed that. Their "Frank's beef tartare" (no we don't know who Frank is) is served with anchovy mayo, egg yolk and house pickles. This, on a sunny day, on their terrace, is currently top of our to do list.

2) Peach & blackberry galette, Bread Naturally

This summery peach and blackberry galette on a crisp pastry with a demerara coated crust from the bread boys at Bread Naturally is what weekend mornings were made for. Add a flat white and a stroll around St. Anne's Park for peak pastry enjoyment.

3) Pancetta & pineapple pizza, Doom Slice

Not only is the "pineapple on pizza" debate incredibly boring (it's allllll the talk on dating apps), it's also the correct thing to do. It's a superior topping on the right kind of pizza, bringing a splash of zingy sweetness to salty meat and cheese, and Doom Slice are illustrating our point perfectly with their Detroit-style "pancetta and pineapple". Tell us you don't want this.

4) Tofu bánh mì, The Streets at Hynes' Bar

We didn't think Hynes' in Stoneybatter could get any cooler, but when The Streets set up shop at the end of January it gave us another reason to brush up on our cúpla focal and head to Cowtown. Their salt and chilli tofu bánh mì comes with cucumber, pickled radish, and fresh coriander, and when it popped up on our feed we immediately cancelled all of our plans.

5) Ice-cream cookie sandwich, Murphy's

It's the season of maximum ice-cream ingestion, and one of the many ways we'll be getting our weekly quota this summer is in sandwich form - where the bread has been replaced with cookies. We love the look of this effort from the Dingle crew, and plan to recreate that photo the next chance we get.


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