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Cosy places to eat in Dublin when it's freezing outside

It’s started to get bleedin freezin’ out there, and the need to stay warm while eating good food is intensifying (plus we can turn the rads off for a few hours - bank account bonus). We’ve rounded up a list of the cosiest, snuggest spots to warm up and chow down in, and make sure to ask to sit near the fireplace...

Locks, Portobello

Off the icy canal in Portobello, take solace in Locks, where you'll be greeted with an open fire, lots of cosy corners, and plush seating to warm up and dine like a royalty. With a menu that screams fancy comfort food, Locks will definitely defrost your loins.

Baan Thai, Ballsbridge

If you can’t face the trek into town, head just outside the city to Baan Thai in Ballsbridge. Upstairs the lighting is warm and subdued, and the wood panelled walls give the dining room a cushy old-time feeling, as if you’ve been transported back to the past. It's also some of the best Thai food in Dublin, with friendly and genuine service. All round good vibes.

The Old Spot, Dublin 4

Let the drop in temperature be your excuse to check out what chef Mark Ahessy (formerly of Hang Dai and 777) is doing at The Old Spot. Cosy up next to their fireplace and soak in all the warm fuzzy feels of a gastropub with top notch food and service. Winter dishes include a chicken liver and foie gras parfait served with a bitter orange chutney, and gnocchi with pumpkin, St Tola goat cheese, pine nuts, and crispy sage.

Bonobo, Smithfield

Yes, they have one of the best beer gardens in the city, but have you ever sat in the front room on one of their massive couches and drank their spiced old fashioned, before transitioning to a glass of heady red with some of the best pizza in the city? We can’t think of anything more comforting than a few hours in Bonobo when it’s absolutely baltic out.

Mr Fox, Dublin 1

Mr. Frost have you in a chokehold? Head to Mr. Fox's underground cavern. Their inviting dining room has lots of corners and crannies to cosy up in for some of the best food in the city. Tasting menus are a winter thing. Get on board.

Delahunt, Camden St

One of the silver linings to come out of the pandemic was that seating in some restaurants has became a little more intimate. Delahunt's individual mahogany snugs are a great example of this, and their main one at the window in front seats eight. With menus that cater to all dietary needs, and a cracking wine list, it's a super spot to shelter from the elements. Finish upstairs in their Sitting Room bar for the ultimate cosy cocktail experience.

Osteria Lucio, Grand Canal Dock

Nothing says comfort like homemade pasta and red wine. The Italians know what they’re doing, and so does Ross Lewis. In his intimate restaurant Osteria Lucio at Grand Canal Dock, sit under the padded arched ceiling for an even cosier and snug dining experience, or near the open kitchen for some residual oven heat.

The Bath, Dublin 4

Nothing beats a roaring open fire at a pub. The Bath takes it one further, with that plus decent food. With lots of couch seating along the walls, grab a seat next to the fireplace and enjoy one of their sourdough pizzas. No matter where you’re sitting, the pizza oven is less than 60 seconds away, and they're notoriously warm.

The Lucky Duck, Dublin 2

Yes, we know it's Press Up, but the Lucky Duck needs a mention on this list. Upstairs, their deep teal panelled walled dining rooms are softly lit, where you can enjoy warming Indian small plates. Nab the snug with the fireplace and heat up your cold bones.


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