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The Best Dublin Restaurants For Dining Solo

There’s a serious main character energy buzz about dining solo. Who’s that mysterious person perched at the bar living their best life? Perhaps a high powered business person on business? An international solo diner of mystery?

Sometimes it’s a necessity, other times it’s a break out of your comfort zone move. Either way, it’s hella liberating, and we urge you to give it a whirl - how else are you going to get through all the amazing restaurants this city has to offer? We’ve rounded up the best places in the city to dine alone, because who needs pals when you’ve got food this good...

A Fianco, Stoneybatter

Grano’s sister wine bar in Stoneybatter is the perfect place to dine alone. A large section of the small restaurant is dedicated to counter seating, and the window seats are people-watching perfection. Generally the downside to dining solo is that you can’t try more of the menu by sharing dishes with your comrades. This isn't a big problem at A Fianco, where the menu consists of mainly small plates, meaning you can get through a good chunk of it by yourself.

Bar Pez, Dublin 8

A new edition to Dublin’s dining scene, Bar Pez just off Aungier street is the sister restaurant to Fish Shop in Smithfield. Currently walk-in only, we recommend getting there early to secure a seat at the counter in front of the chef so you can get a prime view of the action. We loved the lobster toast, and the courgette, crab and basil, and similar to Fish Shop, they take their wine very seriously in here. The list is as comprehensive as we've seen anywhere, and they have an impressive Coravin selection with options starting from €20 a glass. Read our once over here.

La Gordita, Dublin 2

With plenty of cantina-style bar seating, the buzzy La Gordita is a great shout for a solo meal. They have a varied selection of nibbles, small and larger plates, along with an interesting sherry and wine by the glass list, and the bar staff are happy to shoot the breeze if you want some company. Read our once over here.

Pearl Brasserie, Dublin 2

Pearl Brasserie might have one of the best tables for solo diners in the city. Tucked behind the bar is a small counter section that's the perfect perch for a party of one. Hidden from most of the restaurant, it’s a great spot to spend time enjoying a meal, rather than rushing in and out. We recommend their squab pigeon rossini which has been on the menu since they opened in 2000, and we would literally get into bed with their truffle mash. It’s spennier than most on the list, but you’re worth it.

Duck, Dublin 2

Hong Kong-style BBQ joint Duck is perfect for a casual bite, with plenty of facing the wall counter seating. Duck serve Silverhill Farm birds from Monaghan, which has been described by many as the best duck in the world, and it’s cooked in a 'bullet oven', where it's hung upright letting the heat circulate around it. Their menu ranges from duck spice bags to traditional roasted char siu pork. A great spot for a swift solo pick me up.

Good World, Dublin 2

Dip into Good World on George's Street for some of the best dim sum in the city. Often overlooked by locals, probably because it’s been around for so long, Good World is the perfect place to hide for the not so confident solo diners. Make sure to ask for the dim sum menu as it’s not always automatically given. Their har gow, soup dumplings and char siu cheung fun are *chef’s kiss*.

Loretta's, Phibsboro

If you're new to dipping your toe in the world of solo dining, hide in the suburbs to be sure to not bump into anyone you know. Formerly a bank that did money, Loretta’s is a restaurant that does food, and has some of the best north of the Liffey - we’ve never had a bad dish here. Read our once over here.

Forest Avenue, Dublin 4

Forest Avenue is a real treat, and who said you need company to enjoy the finer things in life. Tasting menu only, this special occasion menu comes in at €84 a head, but it's an experience. Sit at the bar downstairs and enjoy an expertly prepared meal, with the casual feel of dining at a bar. The contrast is just as interesting as their shiitake mushroom ice cream.

Etto, Dublin 2

One of the most solid restaurants on Dublin’s dining scene, Etto is ideal for a solo meal. The back of the cosy restaurant is exclusively bar seating, with seats either at the bar, or facing the wall. The perfect place to hide away to enjoy one of the best menus in the city, with no one talking to you.

Uno Mas, Dublin 2

Taking the lead from their sister restaurant, Etto, owners Liz Matthews and Simon Barrett installed a bar as one of the main seating areas in its Spanish-inspired sibling, Uno Mas. Somehow they've also managed to replicate the convivial feel of the Etto dining room, keeping the service casual and friendly while serving top quality food and wine. We’re not the only ones who think so – the Michelin guide bestowed them with a Bib Gourmand award in 2021, which is presented to restaurants with good quality, good value cooking.

Mamó, Howth

Make a day of your solo excursion and head for the hill(s) of Howth to Mamó - arguably Howth’s best restaurant. They have the perfect quaint bar seating downstairs for a solo soirée by the sea, and their famous cod chip is a must, but honestly, everything here is great. We can’t think of a better way to spend a lunchtime or evening alone.

Host, Ranelagh

Host is another hide in the suburbs spot, with lots of counter seating. The chef’s menu features the restaurant’s most-loved dishes, like the now infamous pumpkin cappellacci, which they wouldn't dare take off the menu. Sitting at the bar enables you to watch the chefs work away creating their Italian-inspired dishes while sipping on a glass of natural wine and some freshly made focaccia. They also have a counter facing out onto Ranelagh's main street.

Spitalfields, Dublin 8

When converting Spitalfields in the Coombe into a restaurant, the owners kept the cosy pub vibe intact, including the beautiful big dark wood bar, flanked by traditional bar stools which have been reupholstered in bottle green. The bar offers a direct view to the open kitchen, making it the clear choice as you tuck into the clever takes on old school classics, like devilled eggs and cock-a-leekie pie. Their smoked Ballymakenny potato side is up there with the best side dishes in the city.

Note, Dublin 2

One to note (so sorry) for you solo diners. Upon entry to uber cool wine bar Note, you're greeted with a long, welcoming bar where you can base yourself as you get the scoop on what wines are open that evening. Their shelves are stacked with natural bottles from the best producers so take a seat and let their knowledgeable staff guide you through their recommendations, while you work your way through the snack menu.

Fish Shop, Smithfield

Fish Shop is counter seating only - perfect for a party of one, and although their bread and butter is fish and chips, this is not your standard chipper. Their fish is local, fresh and sustainably sourced and is lightly beer battered before being fried in rapeseed oil. All of their fish is served with chips and tartare sauce, and the menu is rounded out with a whole baked fish and some shellfish dishes if you’re not in the mood for the fried stuff. Their wine list is very impressive, and this is where you’ll find all the industry heads on a Monday evening when they open special bottles to be served by the glass at lower than normal prices.

Amy Austin, Dublin 2

Wedged into a little space beside Drury Street car park, Amy Austin have maximised their space using all counters, with some facing onto the bar and others out onto the street. A great option for spontaneous small plates and wine on tap on your tod.

The Seafood Café, Temple Bar

Something that we find lacking in Dublin, despite our obvious proximity to the sea, are restaurants devoted totally to seafood. Sure, every menu might have some mussels or prawns or a decent whole fish option, but there are only a few establishments really championing fish, and they’re mostly run by Niall Sabongi. As the man behind wholesale business Sustainable Seafood Ireland, he supplies only the best, so when you visit The Seafood Café in Temple Bar you know you’re in for a treat. Their long counter seating is made for enjoying oysters and Bloody Marys, with or without company.

Clanbrassil House, Dublin 8

Ever so slightly out of the city centre core, sister restaurant to Bastible, Clanbrassil House, has plenty of snacks and starters (aka small plates) to get through while on a solo dining venture. Grab a spot by the window for top tier people watching, or sit in the back to observe the kitchen if that’s more your thing.

Loose Canon, Dublin 2

You’re never alone when you have cheese, and adding a glass of wine makes it a party. Eating for one means you’re more likely to elbow some space at Loose Canon’s window, or grab the lovely bench outside on warmer days and watch Dublin stroll by. The vibes in here make it very conducive to making new friends.

Mister S, Dublin 2

We love Mister S and would take any opportunity to go there and down a Fred Flintstone-sized portion of the Angus shortrib without any help. The window seats are perfect if you're a party of one, and the ones here are some nicest in town. Yes you can eat a portion of fried potatoes with onion salt and aioli on your own. We insist on it.

Did we miss your favourite place for eating on your own? Let us know by emailing


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